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Michelin S83

Michelin S83 are perfect tyres for classic scooters. They are popular among the drivers because of their great grip on slippery surfaces in the urban areas. They add style and beauty to your ride and their up-to-date construction makes your drive safe.
Michelin S83 tyres have rubber compound and tread pattern that is generously siped. Available in traditional sizes of 8 and 10 inches, it guarantees an enjoyable ride.

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High safety on two wheels.

Anyone traveling by motorbike or scooter, be able to rely in all weather conditions entyrely on his tyres. Finally, with only two wheels and has just in case any security zone. For this reason are the grip and reliability comes first in motorcycle tyres. The Michelin tyres Series S 83 is praised regularly for an exceptionally good wet grip performance and reliability.

The Michelin S 83 was specially developed for scooters.

The French tyre manufacturer Michelin has 83 one with the S series summer tyres developed that is specifically tailored to the needs of scooter riders. Allen tyre in common is the interpretation to a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. This information is indicated by the letter J on the tyre. There are differences in the maximum load, so how much weight should weigh on the tyres. The load will indicate by a two-digit code in the tyres of series Michelin S 83 reaches the 42-56, which means a safe working load 150-224 kilograms per axle.

Two tyres of the series stand out

In the tyres of the series Michelin S 83, a model is available, which is marked with the additional RF - the Michelin S 83 RF. The acronym RF stands for "Extra Load Reinforced" . This means that this tyre has a reinforced structure and thus can handle a higher load. The Michelin S83 RF may be driven with a load capacity of up to 243 kilograms per axle. Another tyre that stands out in the series, is the model with the smallest load. While all other tyres may be mounted with hose and tubeless tyres may be mounted to the load index 46 with tubes.

The motorcycle tyre of the series S 83 Michelin regularly receive praise for your exceptional good handling in wet conditions. Also the reliability and long service life are mentioned frequently praised.

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