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Michelin Primacy HP: particularly durable tyres for sedans

The Michelin Primacy HP is a high performance summer tyre in the area comfortable sedans is the preferable method. However, it is also suitable for station wagons and minivans. In addition to its good performance on dry and wet surfaces, it is especially the service life and low fuel consumption, bring out from the plethora of products available to the Michelin Primacy HP.

Michelin Primacy HP lasts twice as long as its competitors

Of 17 tested summer tyres Michelin Primacy HP is in ADAC tyre test number two. The predicate of test engineers is "highly recommended". The "very balanced summer tyre" convinces here by its excellent handling characteristics - especially on dry roads. In addition, the wear resistance and low fuel consumption are judged as "impressive". So the Primacy HP holds not only about twice as long as the worst model in the test, it saves also almost half a liter of fuel per 100 kilometers. With him on the podium land of Goodyear OptiGrip and the Continental Premium Contact 2 .

Very balanced summer tyre thanks to good driving properties

The reason for the low fuel consumption of the Michelin Primacy HP is the low rolling resistance. This however does not affect the liability, as evidenced by the braking tests of ADAC. The cause lies in the homogeneous profile design: The large positive areas provide the necessary grip in dry weather, the wide grooves (negative space) ensure effective water drainage. This gives the Michelin tyres on wet surfaces have a very good adhesion. As a result, the Michelin Primacy HP offers short braking distances and secure handling both in dry and wet conditions.

Michelin Primacy HP: Premium tyres with high fuel efficiency

The Michelin Primacy HP is a premium tyre shines excellent steering mainly by its low wear and high fuel efficiency. So it helps in the long run not only going to save costs, but also makes the lower abrasion through a contribution to environmental protection.

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