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Brakes don’t stop cars but the Michelin Energy Saver tyre does

When there are safety factors to consider regarding driving a car, tyres like the Michelin Energy Saver tyre become the most important aspect of a vehicle! In effect, brakes stop the wheels of a car but not the actual vehicle and with a contact area the size of a hand palm. Various crucial factors are dependent on this small area of the tyres; for example:

  • The braking of a car
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  • Its traction during the braking period on the road surface
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  • How the vehicle handles during this process
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  • The reaction to steering commands transmitted by the driver
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  • Inherent comfort and security provide driver confidence and help ability

A failure in the small area of each tyre that is in contact with the road surface at a high speed could produce serious consequences. It is a primary consideration for tyre manufacturers of products such as the Michelin Energy Saver tyre. This is a tyre that has been determined as having on average, a lifespan of 8,260 kilometres longer than its competitors and a Premium tyre designed for passenger cars.

Inside the Michelin Energy Saver tyre

Severe testing has shown the Michelin Energy Saver tyre to be a well balanced product boasting excellent performances in wet road conditions and regarding low fuel consumption for the vehicle. The tyres have also been shown as being highly reliable in safety related and hazardous situations, aided by the fact of a low rolling resistance and dynamic driving characteristics on dry roads.

The optimised profile of the Michelin Energy Saver tyre succeeds in creating a reduced heat build-up in the rubber. This has been achieved with the developed “ECO'N'GRIP” technology utilising a formula for improving molecular cohesion. For any driver, these tyres serve driving efficiency and safety!

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient tyre for your MPV, city car or family car, Michelin Energy Saver will be the right choice to opt. tyres by Michelin are the name of safe and comfortable drive with cost effectiveness. That is why; Michelin comes under top leaders and stands with Dunlop, Kumho, Goodyear, Pirelli, Falken, and others. You can save upto 60 liters of fuel now as compared to its previous versions. It is the need of all fuel-efficient and hybrid cars and passenger cars. Safety and longevity are its special features making it stand out of the rest of competitors like Kumho, Avon, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and other brands in market.

Michelin Energy Saver has been designed with textured spine and asymmetric tread pattern that offers excellent grip on wet and dry roads while driving. These are the salient features of these tyres:

  • Technologically advanced they have been intended to perform more with less fuel. EnergySaver Construction along with tread rubber does not let the tyre get hot and keeps it cooler for longer time that results in improved efficiency of engine.
  • They save up to 8% more fuel in comparison with its previous versions.
  • It provides all season traction due to a unique silica-based tread rubber compound which helps in stopping 8 feet shorter. Thus the safety is enhanced and stopping performance is excellent in dry and wet conditions both.
  • It offers desired rolling resistance that leads to less harmful CO2 emissions from the vehicle. So it contributes to the green environment.

Contact us and share your specific needs with us to get Michelin Energy Saver to have enjoyable rides this winter or summer. If you have already installed then, share your reviews to let us know how you feel about them.

save fuel costs with the Michelin Energy Saver

The Michelin Energy Saver is a roll-optimized tyres for vans, cars and vehicles in the compact and middle class. The strength of the tyre in its tread compound. So Michelin used as filler silica instead of carbon black technical. The result is a special strength of the material. This gives the Michelin tyres not only a very high durability, it also ensures that driving stability and braking properties remain almost fully over the entyre period of use provides.

Michelin Energy Saver is the best tyre on wet roads

In the current summer tyre test of ADAC and Stiftung Warentest the Michelin Energy Saver cuts together with the Continental ContiEcoContact from as the best tyre in the test. In particular, the properties on wet surfaces emphasize the auditor. Again, it is the special silica rubber compound, through which the braking performance of the profile increases enormously. In addition, as announced the test results, the Michelin tyres Impressed by the balance and low fuel consumption.

Safety and environmental protection thanks to patented technology

The Michelin Energy Saver is an energy-saving tyres (Eco tyres) of the new generation. Eco-tyres are characterized in that they offer less rolling resistance due to their special profile, whereby the abrasion reduced. Lower pollutant emissions, declining fuel consumption and a longer service life are the result.

However, many of the conventional energy-saving tyres forfeited thereby also driving safety. When Energy Saver this is prevented by the patented silica tread compound ( "Durable Security Compound"). It gives the "green tyres" Michelin-starred, handling and braking properties, but without impairing the ecological performance.

Michelin Energy Saver: an ecological premium tyres

The Michelin Energy Saver, the French manufacturer puts a premium tyre on the market, which combines a high degree together with the patented material mixture ecological aspects and driving safety. Shorter braking distances and low fuel consumption are the result.

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