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Michelin Tracker

The Michelin tyres tracker variety are made so well for off-road conditions that they become less effective if you use them on the roads too much. They are a 90% off-road 10% road use tyre. In many countries and states, these are considered road-legal tyres, which means you can use it as an everyday transport tyre, but it works better and lives longer if it is mostly used off-road. Mud, dirt, rocks, gravel, and even snow, will not worry this tyre.

Michelin Tracker Characteristics

Perhaps one of the best things about this tyre is its all-around nature. The Michelin Tracker tyre is never going to compete with premium off-road or on-road tyres, and it will not hold up against a racing tyre, but its all-around nature means you do not need to bother swapping it out when running on different terrains.

In essence, it is a very cost-effective tyre for people who are not heavy users. Tracker Michelin has a hard-wearing multi-directional tread pattern that maintains a very stable performance that lasts for most the life of the tyre. Plus, these tyres are fully reversible, and they have a treadwear indicator that allows you to keep track of your tyre wear.

Michelin Tracker price

Your average Michelin Tracker price is on the lower-middle side. You can probably buy Michelin Tracker tyres for a little more with the hope of something extra, but for the most part, these are a lower-cost option for your motorcycle.

You may ask why these tyres are not more expensive, and there are only two reasons. The first is that this is an average trial bike tyre. It doesn't excel in any one single area, and the second is market forces. The Michelin AC10 replaced the already popular Acio range.

The Michelin Tracker online varieties you find are more in line with the benchmark Michelin Medium Enduro tyre. The popularity of the Michelin Tracker keeps prices because merchants are competing with each other. Shopping around for these tyres is easy and is a good idea if you what the best price.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Michelin Tracker tyres

Despite how they look, your Michelin Tracker tyres will do pretty well on most surfaces though, you should stick to off-roading with these tyres because that is where they perform the best. They do not require occasional wear on roads to remain effective, and their lifespan isn't too badly affected if you inflate them incorrectly from time to time.

They are not overly durable, but they can be neglected a little without it causing too much damage. The tyres do not need a lot of maintenance or even a lot of care. Just be sure to clear out any sharp objects or any objects that may burrow their way into the rubber.

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