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Michelin agilis crossclimate tyres review

A well-known French tyre manufacturer called Michelin has introduced new tyres for small truck and light commercial vehicle - agilis crossclimate Michelin. Michelin is a reputable brand with a considerable experience in tyres manufacturing. That is why so many drivers are excited about new tyres. Michelin agilis crossclimate offers excellent performance in all weather conditions.

Technical features of Michelin agilis crossclimate tyres

Agilis crossclimate tyres are designed pick-up trucks that can carry 3⁄4- and 1 ton loads as well as commercial vans. Tyres are popular in numerous markets, including Europe and North America.

Michelin tyres are characterized by improved longevity, robustness and drivability. The tyre has tread warranty for 35% more mileage in comparison to similar tyres of other brands. When buying 4 tyres drivers save a lot of money as they add 62,000 miles to their driving distance.

With these tyres drivers can enjoy comfortable driving and stability. Agilis crossclimate tyres are stable on a wet and dry roads.

Innovative approach of Michelin has helped create tyres that are more damage resistant, and provide safety in various weather conditions.

Michelin agilis crossclimate tyre correspond to international standards of tyre manufacturing. It has strengthened tyre tread produces from advanced rubber compounds. Tyre is better protected from punctures due to reinforced sides and shoulders. Unique V-shaped design of tread and large tread blocks improves handling and traction on various surfaces.

Michelin agilis crossclimate has become a revolutionized breakthrough. Tyres were designed by the best engineers of the company, and comply with the highest international standards. There 32 Michelin agilis crossclimate sizes for 15’, 16’, 17’ rims.

Where to find the best price michelin agilis crossclimate tyres

Michelin tyres belong to premium class tyres, which means that they are not cheap in general. Nonetheless, there is a space for some saving, if you buy tyres online. Most online shops offer great Michelin agilis crossclimate tyres price, which is usually lower than in conventional shops. The prices does not include additional charges, which makes her so attractive. Moreover, online stores have very good choice of tyre brands and sizes. You will be also surprised by the quality of services e-shops provide. All orders are processed quickly. Online stores do their best to deliver orders quickly and, in the event of any problems, they contact customers to provide additional discount. Shop online to find the cheapest Michelin agilis crossclimate tyres!

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