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Michelin City Pro Tyre

Who hasn’t heard of Michelin tyres? The brand is so well known that the logo and mascot have become something of an icon. But we don’t love the Michelin City Pro tyre only because it’s famous. We love it for why it’s famous. The City Pro uses Michelin Overlap Technology to keep itself safe from punctures and cracks.

Quality Assured Performance

A test was conducted with 48 Michelin motorcycles driven over 400,000 km, and only four were punctured. Another reason why we love the tyre Michelin City Pro is that has a very strong tread compound, causing it to live 10% longer than the average lifespan. And don’t even get us started on the performance.

Tyre Michelin City Pro’s Benefits

The tyre uses Michelin Overlap Technology to reduce punctures by over 8.3%. It lives 10% longer than most other competitive tyres. The tyre Michelin City Pro has been designed by the best engineers and chemists in the world. It can displace up to 30-35% water more efficiently. The tyre is a premium choice for a passenger motorbike with water and dry traction and is available in a range of sizes and radii.

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