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Michelin Power Slick: Profileless Slick for track use

Who a Michelin tyre purchases, expected performance quality. After all, the French tyre manufacturer is one of the world's leading brands and not only in the passenger car segment, but also in the motorcycle industry a big name. The Michelin Power Slick wants to convince his driver by their sports character. Constructed it is for racing machines who want to achieve high speed on the track.

An adhesive treads

As Slick the Michelin Power Slick is held without profile. The grip is due to the special tread compounds. Once at operating temperature, the Michelin Power Slick shows a firm and secure grip. Unlike many motorcycle tyres , which are also suitable for the race track, the Michelin Power Slick is not a candidate for the road. Its terrain is clearly the course. A safe road he shows here in dry conditions and with slightly wet roadways. With its excellent performance like the Michelin Power Slick tyres both amateur racers as well as professionals.

Outstanding driving stability

Michelin is applying its full experience from racing to the treads of the motorcycle tyre for summer to make as durable. The innovative mixtures impart a Michelin Power Slick excellent traction even in light rains. Curves can be taken at high speed without concern, the Michelin Power Slick is safe on the road. As slick Michelin tyres requires a certain operating temperature; the asphalt should not be too cold, so that grip and traction of the Michelin Power Slick can develop. In summer, the Michelin Power Slick is easy to control and provides a lot of fun on the track.

If you want to provide on the track great performances, can achieve top speeds with the Michelin Power Slick. Fast, agile and with good grip, the racing tyres proven in the course.

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