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Buy the best Bike Tyres online and keep your wheels turning

Riding any type involves critical safety factors, which means keeping in mind that whilst brakes may stop your wheels, they don’t stop the bike. Another aspect attached to this is that the actual contact area between tyre and road surface is significantly less than the size of your hand palm. Therefore, when you buy bike tyres there are certain influences to consider.

  • The braking ability of your bike
  • How your bike handles during the braking action
  • The amount of traction between surface and tyres
  • Reaction times between commands and effects
  • Inherent capability of your cycle tyres

Investing in bike and cycle tyres

If you consider cost a priority then associate it with product value. When making a bike-tyres online purchase take into account the golden rule; you get what you pay for! When you buy tyres for any vehicle you are in effect making an investment; in your driving experience and in your safety. Tyres for bikes are sold online in a variety of sizes and designs, but before you can establish their maximum performance capabilities they need to reach a determined peak operational temperature. This is dependent upon the construction of the tyres. It will be influenced by the purpose for which your bike is used and how you ride it!

To help in the selection of motorcycle tyres standard identifying markings have been established worldwide. The markings currently conform to the Japanese tyre standard JATMA, found on the walls of the tyres. The information provided gives the:

  • Maximum load capacity
  • Production date
  • Rim diameter
  • Type of construction
  • Speed rating
  • Tyre height and width

How to buy the best tyres for bikes

As a guideline towards buying the best bike tyres those produced with compounds of a soft rubber form demand a higher operating temperature than tyres composed of more hardy, durable compounds. To attain correct and consistent operating temperatures for your tyres they can be either machined or broken in. Again, it can be related to the question of value for your money and the cost of bike tyres that will serve your purpose and provide the best safety factors. A general estimation is that motorcycle tyres should break in over about 130 miles (210 km)

In the development of motorbike or cycle tyres, there are particular development processes, which may vary between models. Amongst the various influences that must be taken into consideration are overall performance and braking. In addition; factors associated with handling, surface traction, stable driving, cornering, rolling resistance, not forgetting the cold-warm grip factors, and driving stability. Accordingly, it means getting value and safety for your money, which is another and completely different aspect to buying cheap bike tyres simply because of the low cost.

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