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Michelin CrossClimate car tyres suitable for All Seasons

A combination of technologies

An all season’s tyre could be described as one that successfully combines summer and winter desired technologies~. Michelin CrossClimate tyres offer consumers a new fusion of compounds that offer excellent surface gripping in all weather conditions. A significant advantage of these tyres is their ability to provide top performances on dry and wet surfaces, a low wear factor and an accurate and fast response to steering commands.

Road conditions can experience frequent and unexpected changes, highlighting the need for drivers to be prepared at all times for inclement weather conditions. Michelin CrossClimate tyres are appropriately named and designed to meet the everyday needs of car drivers for the following reasons:

  • Motorist safety in unpredictable and unstable weather conditions.
  • Tyres that enable motorists to drive the entyre year in the most common and varying weather situations, on Michelin CrossClimate tyres.
  • The first summer tyre certified for winter use!
  • Dedicate R&D has produced improved and more versatile performances in the same tyre.
  • Motorists gain surface grip levels, road holding, durability, and energy efficiency expected from a summer tyre, combined with performances related to traction and braking on snow covered roads experience usually with winter tyres.

The power behind Michelin CrossClimate tyres

The tread of a tyre could be regarded as the power behind its performance! In this respect, the combination of the original and innovative “V-shaped” tread and new self-blocking 3D sipes optimize grip on snow covered surfaces. The supporting sipes located in the centre of the tread have the effect of stiffening the structure of the tyres. This, in turn, enables the tyres to respond fast and with sensitivity to the steering demands of the driver as well as making the tyre more stable. This applies irrespective of the forces in effect, whether longitudinal when braking and accelerating or during a cornering manoeuvre.

Michelin CrossClimate tyres result from a greater strategic understanding by the manufacturer of the usage to which tyres are subjected to meet consumer needs! The utilisation of technical innovation enabled the production of increased performance capabilities to the benefit of motorists. The understanding of motorist behaviour is recognised as the basis of the development process.

Michelin CrossClimate tyres specifics

The rationale supporting the new and innovative Michelin CrossClimate tyres is one dictated by the need for the product to perform in areas and circumstances that are relevant to the motorists. This involves issues related to different driving habits and vehicles in various parts of the world including varying regulations and crucially, conflicting weather conditions.

They are specific aspects taken into account in the production of the new innovative Michelin CrossClimate tyres; the preferred contact between the motorist and the road surface.

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