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How to buy agricultural tyres online

Tyres are a highly technical part of your agricultural machinery and accordingly, it comes into effect when you want to buy agricultural tyres online. As with any other form of technology, it’s a process that does depend on the exchange of information, especially from your side as the buyer:

  • The tyre size
  • Size of the rim
  • The overall diameter
  • Maximum tyre load capacity
  • Type of tyres, such as bias or radial.

The last item on the above list is of particular importance because a radial tyre is inclined to offer better traction in comparison to a traditional bias tyre, which should be taken into your costing consideration. Like private vehicles, types and agricultural tyres prices can vary significantly, primarily depending on your personal needs and demands!

Types of agricultural tractor tyres

When considering buying agricultural tractor tyres online the R1 farm tyres are generally recognised as typical of those found on the majority of tractors. It’s one of the most rugged and robust tyres obtainable for a tractor and is highly regarded for their performances in the fields, especially in the mud.

The widely used R3 Turf tyres are common to golf courses or in recreational grounds, such as for grass mowing applications. These tyres will not damage the grass, or leave imprints from their tread like the farm tyres, which is contributed to by them helping to distribute the vehicle weight evenly, thereby eliminating impressions.

Applications for agricultural tyres online

However, get some advice when you buy agricultural tyres because consideration must be given to the fact that Turf tyres do not provide the same degree of torque power. This can be the cause of them slipping on wet surfaces, and, therefore, it’s preferable that this tyre type is utilized in dry conditions.

If you are considering cheap tractor tyres prices the R4 Construction tyres are regarded as being of the less rugged type. They are manufactured in a slightly harder material than the usual agricultural tyres, with the concept being to provide a tractor with some traction when operating on a construction site.

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