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About Michelin Pilot Road 4gt tyres

The sport-touring Michelin Pilot Road 4gt is among the latest additions from the revamped Michelin tyres. The Pilot 4 comes with an outstanding wet weather braking performance that enhances the safety factor. In addition to this, the brand tyres Michelin Pilot Road 4gt now have a twenty per cent longer tread wear life those of its predecessor, the Pilot Road.

The Pilot Road 4gt still features Michelins X-Sipe technology interwoven into the tread pattern. Narrow sipes are found between the big tread grooves for cutting through water and channelling it into round reservoirs. These sipes are positioned on the tyre for keeping more rubber on the road.

The Pilot Road 4 also introduces what Michelin calls “XST+,” a slight chamfer to the edge of the sipe designed to eliminate any abnormal wear as the tread flexes under hard braking on dry roads.

Tyres Michelin Pilot Road 4gt

As well as the standard Pilot Road tyre, the Pilot Road 4 gt comes with a front tire of medium/soft 2CT arrangement. The back tyre however, is equipped with a hard centre/medium shoulder combination. The Pilot Road 4gt is designed to improve cornering stability with the heavier sport-touring motorbikes with rear tyre casing that features Michelin dual-angle technology employing a combination of bias and radial construction for a fifteen per cent rigidity increase.

There is a notable improvement in the Michelin Pilot Road 4gt tyres found in the lightness and stability, when riding in a straight line. As well, it is significant when cornering.

When shopping for tyres online, keep in mind there are experts available to help you. They will discus any tyre issues or give advice regarding which will be the best for your application and your bank balance!

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