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About 195 55 R16 Tyres

When you are looking at the size of a tyre and are trying to determine which ones are best suited for your vehicle, look at the tyres that are currently on your vehicle. Every tyre is properly labelled with the tyres entire specifications. They are located on the side wall of the tyre. The first number in the 195 55 R16 tyres is 195. This number represents the value of the width. This number is always displayed in millimetres. The aspect ratio is the next number that is identified, in this case the aspect ratio is 55. This number represents the tread width. This width is measured by the distance between the base of the tread to the rim. Therefore in this case the height of the tyre is 55% of its width. The R indicates it is a radial construction. The number 16 indicates the diameter of this tyre is 16 inches. The 195 x 55 R16 tyres are best suited for 5.5-7.5 inch wheels. 

What Type of 195 55 16 tyres Are Available 

There are a few 195 55 r16 types of tyres to choose from. Some tyres are constructed for specific purposes such as the winter 195 x 55 x 16 tyres, summer 195 55 R16 tyres and all season 195 55 R16 tyres. There are also tyres that indicate they are a high performance tyre. This can be confusing to many people. It is best to speak with a tyre specialist and describe what your needs are. They may ask you several questions regarding your driving habits, the road conditions you will be driving on and what your driving style is. They will also need to know what your budget range is. There are different quality tyres available on the market. 

When to Choose 195 55 R16 Winter Tyres

When it comes to choosing which winter tyres to buy, this is the most important tyre pertaining to safety. Winter tyres are specially constructed to endure rigid and dangerous driving conditions. Winter tyres provide much more traction and have far better braking distances than all season tyres. You should never drive your vehicle in the winter when you have summer tyres on. This is very dangerous. Winter tyres are also constructed with a different kind of rubber compound that meets the needs of very cold temperatures. Choosing tyres with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake, mean that these tyres meet the UE requirements for those particular tyres. This is something to ensure your tyres have when determining the 195 55r16 tyres best price.

195 55 R16 Summer Tyres

When choosing to purchase 195 55 R16 summer tyres, it is important to understand these types of tyres are not meant for driving in winter road conditions. They are constructed to meet the needs of driving during seasons that have warmer temperatures and are best for wet and dry roads only. 

Choose Online Shopping When Looking for the Best 195 55 r16 Tyres Price

Online shopping is really big right now. It offers many conveniences that can meet the needs of busy people. When you are shopping for the best 195 55 r16 tyres it is easy to find them when you visit a website like ours. We comparison shop and post the best available prices and also prices for cheap tyres 195 55 r16. The 195 55 16 price list is available on our website. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping, and let us do your homework for you. 

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195/55 R16

With radial design 16, 195/55/16 tyres come in a very affordable range. The tyres cover a reasonable range of distance in terms of durability. The design gives a good traction rating on road, although can be initially a little noisy. They do not significantly affect the fuel consumption per mile. The tread width gives better road grip. The run on wet grip is fair but 195055r16 is preferred for dry grip conditions, good for snowy conditions. These tyres provide lesser aquaplaning especially on long drive highways.  The comfort provided is excellent for normal on road journey, city drives and for motorists.
Over all performance is progressive and excellent handling even for hilly drives.  The average on mile coverage turns out to be very good. They provide a smooth ride on road and cope up with almost all weather conditions. Exceptionally good for areas with abrupt weather changes

How To Make Buying The 195 55 r16 tyres Easy

For some people shopping for the 195 55 16 tyres is a hassle. Not because of the specific size tire but because they feel that having to buy tyres in general is an inconvenience. However the tyres are critically important for the performance of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and writers. There are steps that individuals can take when tire buying to make it a much easier process.

Common Questions

One of the things that makes it confusing when coming to buy tyres such as the 195 55 16 tyres

tyres is they have a lot of questions that they need answers to. Some of these questions are as follows.

Can I Put A Wider Tire On My Car.?

The individual may know that the appropriate tyres 195 55 r16 are what is needed for their particular vehicle. However they may wonder if they could put a wider tire on the next. In general the rear tyres do not always have to be the same size or match the front tyres. However tire experts do recommend that full sets of tyres should all be of the same size make a model. So overall it is not recommended that mismatched tyres be used on any vehicle. The manufacturer has specified a specific type of tire size for your vehicle for many. Those that are buying the tyres 195 55 r16 need this particular size in order to be able to handle the weight of the vehicle. Making sure that the right tyres are used means that the driver is going to be far more effective at being able to handle their vehicle.

How Do I Choose Tire Size?

in most cases the vehicle will come with the manual and within the manual it will give the specified size. If the tyres 195 55 r16 is recommended tyres for your particular vehicle then these are the ideal tyres that you should be fine. For those that prefer all season tyres they will find that there are many brands that offer the excise that they will be able to choose from.

The Best Tyres 195 55 16 To Buy

One of the advantages of being able to buy tyres 195 55 16 is that there are several brands that are available . There are some specific things that you need to check out when deciding on which Brand and that you want to buy. Some brands are more expensive than others and this can be merely because of the brand name itself. Normally most of the brands keep the tyres 195 55 16 within a comparable price range. Looking at the reviews of the tyres will also give some indication as to which Brand is being more favoured than others. However keep in mind that each drivers ooking for the tyres 195 55 16 size may prefer a specific brand because this is what they have always used on their vehicle. It will also come down to style of the tire although all the tyres 195 55 16 will have to have the same basic components. There are other components that can differ as this is what makes each tire manufacturer unique.

When Should You Replace Your tyres 195 55 16 Tyres?Another issue that some drivers face is not knowing when they should replace their tyres. There are a couple of factors that should be taken into consideration when doing this. First of all driving conditions are going to dictate what are the best tyres to be used.

An Example

A lot of people favour the Toyo PROXES T1-R 195/55 R16 91V for their own personal reasons. Then there others that may want to compare these to the Firestone Roadhawk 195/55 R16 87H. Drivers will decide which is best for them depending on the specific features and comparisons that they each possess.

How To Get The Best Deal

Once its been decided that the tyres 195 55 16 are the appropriate ones that the driver needs it is now a matter of taking the time to shop properly. Shopping online is one of the easiest ways for being able to get the best deals with the least hassle. Using a site such as ours allows the shopper to be able to not only compare prices but take a look at some of the comparisons of the tyres within the same size. When everything important is gathered into one area like it is here it makes it quick and easy to come to a decision. It is not always about price either. There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

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