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Michelin Energy E3B 1: Use less fuel and save money

Gasoline prices rise and rise. Vehicles that consume a lot of fuel, also harm the environment. Motorists who do not want the same change to an electric car can opt for a fuel-saving summer tyre decide. Michelin Energy E3B 1 is such a tyre series, need their models by low rolling resistance less force to drive.

Low rolling resistance saves fuel

The Michelin Energy E3B 1 the French tyre company brings Michelin a just economic and ecological summer tyres on the market. The tyre has a very low rolling resistance. This has the vehicle in less power to drive spend and consume less energy in the form of fuel. The lower fuel consumption relieves the driver's wallet and the environment. Tests confirm the good environmental properties of the Michelin Energy E3B 1 Summer tyres but also secures through its safe driving judgment "recommendable" in ADAC summer tyre test.

Safe handling in dry and wet

Michelin Energy E3B 1 scores with good aquaplaning characteristics, a reliable wet performance and comfortable handling in dry conditions. Another positive factor falls to the low wear. Michelin Energy E3B 1 is across a long mileage and can be driven more than just a summer without problems. Security features of the Michelin Energy E3B 1 also: The braking distance is so loud Manufacturer statement be up to three meters shorter than its predecessor. The car tyres available in several dimensions to choose from - suited he is for compact cars, medium-sized cars and as XL version for Vans.

Michelin Energy E3B 1 is convincing in many respects. The investment in the summer tyres profitable by its durability and low fuel consumption.

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