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A classic car tyres: The Michelin XVS

The French tyre manufacturer is famous not only for the characteristic Michelin Man, but also for its high-quality tyres. For Michelin summer tyre range is one of the striking narrow Michelin XVS. This summer tyre beat faster especially the heart of classic car fans. It is precisely for these classic cars nostalgic tyre model is intended.

Excellent stability and convincing handling on wet

For modern vehicles the Michelin XVS comes almost a little too narrow therefore. Its dimensions, however, are excellent for the classics of the road. Oldtimer from Europe and the United States can use the Michelin XVS and the matching alloy wheels are not only visually enhanced; summer tyre also offers safe driving. The tread design leads to a high driving stability. Despite the narrow shape of the tyre is stable on the road and also loses in sleek curve taking no trace.

Authentic driving feel with high security

The profile of the Michelin XVS with its characteristic zigzag waves shows even on wet roadways reliable performance. The aquaplaning characteristics are comparable to those of other Michelin tyres quite comparable. With the classic profile motorists enjoy the authentic driving feel of vintage cars, without having to compromise on safety and comfort. Admittance is the unusual tyre from the production of Michelin for the Speed ​​Class H, may therefore be driven at a maximum speed of 210 km/h.

The Michelin XVS is a classic car tyres. Today, the summer tyres can still inspire and is by its slim design and the authentic tread design an ideal equipment article for classic cars.


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