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Michelin Pilot Power 3

Pilot Power 3 enables performance motorbike that could afford no other road tyres so far. Thanks to its innovative design and a special tread rider offers tend in the corners now even more, without the stability of the motorcycle is at risk. This tyre is a multiple winner in numerous motorcycle sport tyre tests.

More grip in sharp curves

Michelin, in the preparation of a tyre only the highest quality rubber compound. Do remember that drivers who their cars with Michelin car tyres equip. Bikers can also expect increased grip. Finally, all Michelin Mottoradreifen have the special rubber compound that provides the laboratory and on the test track of the manufacturer of their outstanding properties to the test. In practice, this can best identify with the Michelin Pilot Power. 3 This tyre adapts to the weight of the motorcycle and thus allows an increased curve slope, without compromising stability. It is suitable for sporty bikers.

Various rubber compounds for increased performance

Michelin motorcycle tyres are equipped with the latest patented technology of the brand. For instance, the Michelin Pilot Power 3 a modern tread which consists of three different rubber compounds. In this way, the driver reached different grip, depending on the bank angle of the motorcycle. Asymmetric minor grooves ensure effective water drainage, so that the Michelin Pilot Power 3 even when wet excellent properties. The negative profile share is below 5%. Thus, the tread of the tyre has more contact with the asphalt, which secures the bike better acceleration and braking.

Michelin Pilot Power allows the 3 a sporty and safe driving at the same time. This tyre is equipped with the latest Michelin tyre technology, which is sometimes even used in motorsport. For more grip at lower temperatures, the French tyre brand motorcyclists excellent Michelin Motorcycle winter tyres available.

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