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The Michelin Agilis - an economical truck tyres

In developing the Michelin Agilis, the economy was in operation in the foreground. With the "Durable Contact Patch" is the ideal square footprint reality. Based on the knowledge of the truck tyres Michelin Development has ground contact of the tread blocks improve to make the car better mobile with a heavy load and increased tyre pressure. This results in: - lower friction for optimized fuel consumption and - increased service life through wear-resistant treads.

Economy, safety and sturdiness

The development parameters for the Michelin Agilis were clearly defined: economy, safety and robustness. These guidelines has Michelin excellently implemented. The increase in mileage by up to 30% and the reduced fuel consumption have a positive effect on operating costs. Savings of 3% for fuel and tyre wear can be factored. The tyre offers security through controllability high payloads and sparkles with up to three meters shorter braking distance than its predecessor on wet surfaces.

The Michelin Agilis is a tyre for medium-sized companies and fleet operators

The Michelin Agilis has a "Green X-identification" on the sidewall, which indicates that can be profitability and environmental protection combined. Low fuel consumption and high mileage reduce costs and have a positive effect on the environment. Thus, the Michelin Agilis is interesting for medium-sized companies and professional fleet operators. The truck profile combined with passenger car materials give the best properties in this tyre. When the tread compound Michelin relies on the "Durable Contact Patch technology" from the passenger car sector. This ensures optimized consumption and driving comfort. The braking distances have been shortened to dry and wet roads due to the new tread compound. The Michelin Agilis is highly resistant to abrasion on the flanks and also protects the rim against damage.

The Michelin Agilis was especially developed for vans, vans and SUVs. It can be used on vehicles exceeding a total weight of 2.8 t. The eco-labeling of Michelin certifies durability and safety. Excellent handling of the vehicle and an increased traction are characteristics of the tyre. The Agilis also in a van to the comfort of a sedan.

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