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Michelin X-Ice North 3 Tyres

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Michelin X ICE North 3 - the new winter tyre for extreme conditions

The Michelin X ICE North 3 can also impress by thick snow and extremely cold temperatures only slightly. Thanks to the numerous good running characteristics and robust construction supplies this winter tyres at any time from a very good performance.

High grip and optimal traction

The Michelin X ICE North 3 was developed especially for regions with longer periods of frost as Russia or Scandinavia, for alpine areas. The sophisticated tread design and the many spikes along the tread provides these winter tyres from Michelin in addition to good cornering excellent grip and a very straight-line stability. The 1.2 mm long metal pins of the Michelin X ICE North 3 are firmly anchored in the tread, thanks to the special rubber compound and contributes to optimum traction performance even at very low temperatures with. Add to this the numerous bi name, that support optimal grip on snow again effectively. Use the wide longitudinal channels and the high proportion of negative Michelin X ICE North 3 are also absorbed and passed away water and slush within a short time, so that the risk of aquaplaning need not be feared.

Michelin - tyres impress

The tyre manufacturer Michelin for over 140 years been manufacturing high-quality, high-performance models who know themselves to convince demanding customers. This is made ​​possible, so that all through the constant research and development work of the company Michelin tyres can be distinguished by an excellent performance.

The Michelin X ICE North 3 lets the driver, even at very low temperatures and snowy roads in the lurch. Even in the alpine area or in wintry regions this winter tyre feels comfortable and offers at any time with its optimal traction performance, the excellent grip and a quick and efficient drainage.

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