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Michelin Latitude Alpin - safe on snow and ice

Even extremely wintry temperatures and road conditions can a Michelin Latitude Alpin harm little. Because these tyres for the winter turns out to be a safe and robust companion who knows how to defy any challenges.

High grip and optimal water drainage

With the new Michelin Latitude Alpin is the renowned tyre manufacturer from France again presents a high quality companion for owners of high-powered vehicles. Even at speeds of up to 240 km/h, with this tyres for the winter safe and comfortable way. For the elaborately designed tread pattern which is provided with a high number of biting edges and numerous blades provide. Compared to its predecessor thus the Michelin Latitude Alpin has improved adhesion even on snowy ground and can get the best results in terms of stiffness and steering precision. Add to that the flexible rubber compound of this model made by Michelin, which remains extremely supple even at very low temperatures and provides good adhesion at all times. Thanks to the optimal water drainage must also reduce the risk of aquaplaning no fear and can also benefit from the good handling characteristics of this winter tyre.

Michelin - a French success Export

The tyre manufacturer Michelin is not just motorists from all over the world a concept. Long ago, the company from France has become one of the most important global player in the international tyre market and can with its high quality repeatedly Michelin tyres get people talking. Even experts have long been convinced of the high quality of the models so that the tyres from Michelin are found regularly in the first places in tests.

The Michelin Latitude Alpin has proved once again that the French manufacturer knows his craft. This winter tyre scores points with its high mileage and is characterized among other things by good adhesion, rapid water drainage and high steering precision.

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