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Michelin Trial Competition - high quality at the best price

With a Michelin Trial Competition, the renowned tyre manufacturer from France presented a powerful Pneu for the motorcycle , which is characterized by a particular strength and resilience.

Optimal feedback and high mileage

Both amateurs and professionals will be thrilled by the Michelin Trial Competition with safety. This motorcycle tyres from Michelin is distinguished by a special robustness and durability, so that you can use even under demanding conditions it confidently. Responsible for this shows the elaborately designed tread pattern of Michelin Trial Competition, which has been optimized once again considerably. Thus, one can profit from an optimal response and a high smoothness even on wet surfaces. Thanks to the numerous wide longitudinal grooves can also benefit from a fast and effective water drainage and thus a very high aquaplaning resistance. Also in terms of comfort you have to dispense with the Michelin Trial Competition on nothing: For the low noise level, so that one is even on longer journeys safe and very convenient on the go makes.

Michelin - tyres, which can inspire

The tyre manufacturer Michelin can look back on more than 140 years of successful company history. Long time, the high quality models of the French group are sold all over the world and already inspire millions of motorists. This is thanks to the high quality and the strong operational performance of the Michelin tyres that can cut excellently repeatedly in tests of important journals. In addition, the wide range of different models suitable for wide range of vehicle types and species.

The Michelin Trial Competition is also in difficult driving situations at its best and provides anytime a very good mileage and convincing performance from. Thus, this model is characterized by Michelin by a special resilience and robustness, which significantly enhances driving pleasure.

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