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Convincing performance for the summer: Michelin Pilot Primacy

tyres as standard Michelin Pilot Primacy offer the high quality, motorists from the French tyre manufacturer Michelin are accustomed. Due to its excellent driving characteristics put numerous automobile companies the Michelin Pilot Primacy tyres as an initial for their vehicles. The investment in the quality of tyres worth even at later refitting.

French brand tyres with good aquaplaning characteristics

tyres as standard Michelin Pilot Primacy can convince with a high mileage. Stable rubber compounds cause the tyres must be changed rarely. The profile remains long roadworthy. The fins are arranged asymmetrically. An optimal water displacement is achieved on wet roads. The water is reliably discharged to the side and rear. Already after a few meters of the tyre is also on wet roads to a standstill. This aquaplaning characteristics also convince in tests: Stiftung Warentest rated the summer tyres with "Good" and raises the driving behavior on dry and wet roads forth. The ADAC award for the Michelin Pilot Primacy judgment 2.2 and especially praises the low wear.

Summer tyres for almost all vehicle types

The Michelin Pilot Primacy is available in many different inch sizes. In this way it can be combined with many different types of vehicle. Together with matching alloy wheels , he also makes a good visual impression. The models are also available for various speed classes. Who wants to go on the summer streets well and safe, makes the Michelin Pilot Primacy nothing wrong.

A tyre which automobile companies and drivers alike convinced that the Michelin Pilot Primacy shows how safe driving work on dry and wet roads.

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