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Michelin Tyres City Grip 2

Michelin Tyres City Grip 2 are built for town and city roads. They are not a performance tyre, they are a well-designed, safe, workaday tyre. They perform well on slippery surfaces, and even perform well on wintry roads if you are moving at slower speeds.

Michelin City Grip 2 Tyres Special Features

The City Grip 2 Michelin tyre uses and silica-based compound to help it stick to city roads, even if those roads are wet and slippery. They are not a high-performance tyre but will last a fair amount of time if they are cared for correctly. Wear and tear is pretty even if the vehicle is driven sensibly and the tyres are inflated correctly.

Michelin City Grip 2 Price

Your average Michelin City Grip 2 price is pretty low. They are sensibly priced for motorbikes, scooter and moped users. They are a functional tyre that are useful for around town and cities. They are not supposed to be put under pressure from varying terrains, and they wouldn’t perform all that well on heavy snow and black ice. Nevertheless, as a basic and safe tyre, they are suitable for most varieties of weather while riding on city and town roads.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Michelin City Grip 2 Tyres

These are a sensible tyre with all the standard form and features you would expect from a functional tyre. With that in mind, keep things simple and you keep yourself safe. This involves keeping your tyres correctly inflated, not accelerating too quickly, not going off road, not braking heavily, not skidding, and not taking steep corners at speed. In short, if you care for these tyres and you drive sensibly, then they will last a longer time and they will keep their tread and traction for longer.

Getting The Best Michelin City Grip 2 Tyres

When you buy Michelin City Grip 2 tyres, stick to named brands and well-known dealers. When buying performance tyres and high-end tyres, then it may be worth going to niche boutique places, but when it comes to standard tyres, you should stick with the bigger brands. This helps ensure that when you buy Michelin City Grip 2 online, you are actually getting the correct branded tyre and not some cheap imitation.

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