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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 is a winter tyre for high demands

The Michelin Man is probably one of the world's best known advertising figures. The mascot has the French tyre manufacturer Michelin helped to make an international name. But the brand also convinced with quality. One example is the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3, a high performance winter tyre for high standards.

Sporty tyre for powerful vehicles

The winter tyres Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 series especially aimed at the drivers of high-performance vehicles. Accordingly, the tyres have a comparatively high load capacity and are also approved in higher speed classes, namely H, V and W. In order to be driven up to a speed of 270 km/h. Whether the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 Porsche, Mercedes C-Class or BMW, is the ideal combination for these vehicles. Available winter tyre is available in diameters from 17 to 20 inches. Complemented by matching wheels he also leaves a good visual impression.

Strengths in dry conditions and on snow

In the market of Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 is already since 2009. Already in the first test he can convince with impressive performance. In ADAC winter tyre test 2009, the good driving characteristics on dry roads, in the wet and on snow are highlighted. Also the braking behavior proves to all substrates to be reliable. AutoBild Allrad certify the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 low rolling resistance and good aquaplaning characteristics.

The investment in a tyre from Michelin pays off in most cases. Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 is no exception. Solid and sure he brings motorists through the winter.

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