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Changing winter van tyres

The weather can be very unpredictable and winter can come suddenly. Are you ready for extreme weather conditions? There is no point in taking risk, it is better to change tyres of your van before the road gets covered with ice. Even though winter tyres are not a legal obligation in the UK, they are incredibly popular in countries like Canada, where winters are harsh. Now wonder, these tyres provide extra safety for the driver of the vehicle and other drivers on the road.

Snow van tyres have been designed specifically for vans to transport goods and people during heavy snowfalls, freezing rain, or ice. They ensure better handling traction and shorter braking distance.

The best winter van tyres

Among the best manufacturers of winter tyres for vans, you will see the most popular companies. No wonder. They take your safety very seriously.

  • Michelin. Michelin designs winter tyres for vans and motorhomes. These tyres shows incredible performance due to its load capacity and sidewall kerb wear. Michelin tyres are produced form high quality rubber that results in reduction of fuel consumption and rolling resistance.
  • Nokian. Nokian company is famous due to its maximum winter safety and comfort. These tyres are equipped with pocket-type pump sipes that remove liquid from the road providing stability.
  • Continental. Continental company has Vanco Winter tyres that ensure excellent breaking effect on snow and ice. In fact, this is one of the most popular choice of van owners.

Do not waste time – buy hight quality winter van tyres today!

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