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Michelin ACS: all-season tyres for scooters

Michelin is one of the most famous tyre manufacturers in the world. With the series Michelin ACS brings the successful company all season tyres for scooters on the market, which are characterized by high grip and good handling.

Michelin - tyres for the environment

Safe and comfortable driving pleasure offer the same tyre model of the French company Michelin. Since 1889, the manufacturer of automobile and motorcycle tyres already in business and makes time again for innovative tyres from different categories. Of special tyres for motorsports on exceptionally solid truck tyres to excellent all-season tyres for the motorcycle , the traditional company has an almost endless wide range. In addition, the name of Michelin is also an environmentally friendly manufacturing and carefully chosen materials. In the future, the developers of Michelin are still improve spritverbrauch tyre and far contribute to climate protection.

An all-rounder for the whole year

The Michelin ACS tyres are all-season tyres for city scooters, which provide good traction and precise steering response. On wet roads provide the individual tread blocks of the tyre for a constant traction, since the water is directly derived. The tread pattern also guarantees a uniform wear. The mileage of the Michelin ACS is relatively high - for the same mileage. In terms of looks the Michelin ACS inspire with a classic, almost nostalgic acting style. Developed were the tyres of Topherstellers Michelin in particular for the 50 cc scooters from Vespa. The tyres are to be allowed for speeds of up to 100 Km / h.

Timeless design, precise handling and a long service life: The Michelin ACS are real all-rounders and offer comfortable ride for the whole year. Added to this is the very good price, which looks even more convincing in view of the characteristics of tyres series. The Michelin ACS are the ideal all-weather tyres for scooters.

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