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Is It Time To Buy195 55 R15 Tyres ?

When it comes time to buy 195 55 x 15 tyres for the summer months you are quickly going to come across top brands like Dunlop, Bridgestone, Firelli and Michelin just to name a few. While this is great news that you have lots of options for buying 195 55 x 15 tyres it can also create the need to decide which brand to choose. The first decision you have had to make is whether you need to buy the 195 x 55 x 15 tyres for summer use. Some prefer to use all season tyres but many others realize that there are distinct benefits to buying the 195 x 55 r15 tyres that have been specifically made for summer driving.

Checking Out 195 55 15 Tyres

There are many different features that have to be considered even when it comes to choosing a brand that has the 195 55r15 tyres best price. The first thing you may want to compare among the brands for the best 195 55 r15 tyres is the safety. You will immediately notice that every manufacturer of these tyres makes this a priority. What it will come down to is which features they have focused on that lends to the safety of the tyres, then your decision will be based on which you prefer or that which you find is the most significant. Performance is part of the safety features. How well the tyres can perform when braking and accelerating are all part of the safety factors. Comfort is something else that will be important to you. Then the longevity of the tyres and how they can help save on fuel consumption are other features you will be interested in.

How To Find The Best 195 55 R15 Tyres Price

When you are looking at the 195 55 15 price you are going to come across cheap tyres 195 55 r15 options. That does not mean that they are cheap because they are inferior. It usually means that there is a promotion being offered. These are great to find but can also be difficult to come across. We have made this easy with our tyre comparison resource. Not only will you find the best prices for the 195 55 x 15 tyres that are available online you will be able to compare all the other important features that have been previously covered. This resource is designed to save you time and money and at the same time provide you with a way to make an informed decision.

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195/55 R15

The wider, the better! 195/55 is the breaches of extreme grip and support. These wheels are the love of the youth and especially the Petrol heads. These support grips up to 95%, varying with moisture conditions but are extremely overwhelmed and loved due to their bodacious wide look with Deep Dish Rims, Lowering Springs and excellent fitment. The cambering really upgrades the car’s look with great tempo and settlement towards the levelled and balanced working of the car in the matters of speed, acceleration, stopping, braking, drifting, sprints and the excellent grip is also tremendously overcharged on the hilly sides with lesser tendency towards the grip’s loss. This size of the tyre is a 100% of everything and the best example is the Interstate Eco Tour Plus. This is one car guy’s favorite choice with the trendy look and devilish work.

About 195 55 r15 Tyres

Ensuring you purchase the correct size of tyres is important for performance and safety of the vehicle.

These tyres are wider and provide extreme support and grip. These tyres come in various weight supporting loads. There are even energy savers. The circumference of a 195 55 R15 tyre is 73.6 inches. The rotate 861 times per mile. They have a diameter of 23.4 inches and a section width of 7.7 inches. 

What Exactly is A Tyre?

The name tyre or tire comes from the word attire. Attire means a protecting coat or covering. A tyre is a container made of rubber containing compressed gas which is attached to a vehicle rim wheel mechanically. Its purpose is to carry a specified weight load while providing traction, braking and shock absorption. A good tyre produces minimum noise, little road vibration, capabilities for safe high speed operation, a smooth comfortable ride, road stability while cornering and changing direction, and looks good. 

How Do I Know What Size Tyres I Need?

The proper tyre size is located in the vehicle operators manual and on a sticker located on the inside of the drivers door. For example, you will see the tyre code 195/55/R15 tyres size. Following the Vehicle Operators Manual and the sticker on the drivers door will ensure you purchase the correct size tyres. 

How Do I Order tyres 195/55/R15 Online?

Purchasing tyres online is the easiest way to purchase tyres. Most online tyre companies make it very simple to follow the step by step instructions on how to identify these 195/55/15 tyres . You simply enter the make, model and year of your vehicle and the online sellers program will identify the appropriate tyres you require for your vehicle. `There is a much easier way however, and that is using our free price check and comparison service on our site.

What Are Some Good Brands For Tyres 195/55/15?

Some recommended Brands for these 195/55/R15 tyres are Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental. They are good quality tyres and are reasonably priced. 

Can I buy Used 195/55/R15 Tyres Online?

Yes, absolutely. Most tyre sales companies offer both new and used tyres. It is always a wise idea to comparison shop prior to making your purchase. We have made this easy for you.

Which Vehicles Are The Tyres 195/55/15 Tyres Designed For?

There are several models belonging to Audi, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and many more. Some vehicle models which utilize the 195 55 15 tyres are the Acura EL, Integra, and Integra Type-R, the Chevrolet Optra and Spark EV, the Dodge Charger and Neon and Honda Accord, Civic and Fit. These models in specified years use the tyres 195 55 15 . 

How Do I Determine The Sidewall Height Of A 195/55/R15 Tyre?

There is an easy format to determine the sidewall height of your 195 55 r15 tyres . You simply multiply the width number, which is 195 by the aspect ratio number, which is 55 (0.55). Total will be 107.25 millimeters. The number 15 refers to the diameter of the wheel (or rim) in inches. 

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