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Michelin Bopper: good grip, even in the rain

As Scooter drivers safe on the road, despite a wet road - thanks to the tyres Michelin Bopper Serie no problem. The tubeless tyre ensures optimum grip as well as excellent handling and in any weather.

Rapid cornering with little wear

Ragged around the turn with optimum position and from straight out: Life as a scooter driver can be so beautiful. At least as long as the road is not slippery, otherwise it will quickly unpleasant. Sly, who is as on the prior to a basal series tyres Motorcycle tyres Bopper manufacturer Michelin . The special semi-slick profile tyres have excellent cornering grip and offer even at high speeds much stability. The tyre series gives drivers direct feedback, causing the scooter while driving can be controlled well. the Michelin Bopper are ideal for a sporty driving style.

The Michelin Bopper convinces with low wear

Convince, the Michelin tyres also for its minimum wear. Especially with grippy tyres that is more the exception, as they have much more friction and thus wear out faster. course Less wear means lower costs. Since the Michelin Bopper is also a relatively cheaper premium tyres, the price-performance ratio is at a downright sensational level. Now to the dimensions of the series Michelin Bopper: front and rear tyres are available with a width of 120-130 cm and the height of 70-90 cm. All dimensions have the speed class L - are thus aligned for a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

If you like the whole body goes into the curves and therefore require a tyre with high grip in bends, should pick up the Michelin Bopper. In addition, the wear falls from low and the price is convincing. In snow and icy conditions of the sports tyre is, however, not to use - there must still be a good winter tyres ago.


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