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convincing anytime - Michelin PowerRain

The name gives a hint already: Even with strong precipitation one is safe with the tyres Michelin Series PowerRain and powerful way. This is thanks to the innovative technology and the elaborate design of the tread, with which these Michelin tyres know impress.

Optimum adhesion and excellent grip

In the development and production of the Michelin PowerRain no cost has been spared in order to ensure optimal performance even during heavy rainfall can. And this pays off: So this offers motorcycle tyres from Michelin with excellent adhesion and an excellent grip both on dry ground and on wet asphalt, which increases safety during every ride again considerably. In addition, the Michelin PowerRain scores with its fast and efficient water displacement, so you have to fear the risk of aquaplaning at any time. Not only racing enthusiasts motorcyclists will therefore be delighted by the Michelin PowerRain in its design and the years of experience of the racing scene could be used.

Michelin - successful worldwide

The tyre manufacturer Michelin has long been one of the most successful companies in this field and is not only car owners a term. Million drivers appreciate the high quality and excellent performance of the Michelin tyres that make any compromises in terms of safety and comfort even in demanding situations. This is supplemented by a very rich and comprehensive range of different models, which is the most diverse wishes and ideas to a large degree.

DerMichelin PowerRain meets all requirements of ambitious amateur racers and demanding professionals. No wonder, this model from Michelin but even during heavy rainfall a very good performance and scores with its fast and efficient water displacement. In addition, the Michelin PowerRain impresses with a high mileage and optimum adhesion, which significantly increases the driving pleasure.

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