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About Mini Tyres

The very first Mini was made in 1959. Due to the fuel crisis in 1956, work began on the Mini. Larger car sales had gone down. The UK authorities had even considered rationing fuel. The original Mini was equipped with 9” wheels and brand new tyres were specifically designed for this car. There are several Mini Models. They differ in performance, equipment and appearance. Each model has a specific size of tyres to enhance the performance of each model. Mini tyres come in 15 to 18 inches tyres. There are many tyre manufacturers that produce original equipment tyres for the Minis. Some of the manufacturers are Dunlop and Goodyear. Always buy mini tyres from a reputable dealer and have them installed by a professional for proper installation. Some of the popular Mini Models are: Mini Clubman, Mini Cooper, Mini One and Mini Works. Original Mini tyres are always the best tyres for Mini. Depending on the model of Mini you choose the Mini tyres price will fluctuate. The high performance of original Mini tyres will be reflected in the Mini tyres cost. The Mini is considered a British Icon. 

About Mini Winter Tyres

Original Mini tyres are identified with a star. It is important to identify these tyres as being original especially when shopping for Mini snow tyres. These tyres are specifically developed in collaborations with top of the line tyre manufacturers. Some of the star marked tyres are produced by Dunlop, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Goodyear. They are perfectly matched to meet all the specifications and requirements for each different model of the Mini. These tyres are custom made and must pass 50 different quality criteria testing. These tyres have a particularly long life. They are also very economical as they are constructed to reduce fuel consumption and they have a much lower road noise. Mini tyres have approximately 10% shorter braking distance on roads that are wet. They also have 40% less tyre wear and an amazing 50% shorter braking distance while driving in snow. 

About Mini Run Flat Tyres

Mini Run Flat tyres are made with a high level of technology that allow you to continue driving on a flat tyre up to speeds of 50 kilometres an hour. The heat resistant, reinforced sidewalls and the special rim geometry stops the low pressure tyre from falling off. These are important features when considering the Mini Run Flat tyres cost. When you are shopping for cheap Mini tyres visit our website so we can professionally assist you with all your needs. 

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