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Information regarding 195 65 R16 Tyres

The width in the 195 65 x 16 tyres are always indicated first in the side markings on the tyre. The width of tyres are always indicated in millimetres The height of this tyre is 65% of its width. The diameter of the tyre is 16 inches. The letter R means that this tyre is constructed and produced by means of radial ply. The 195 x 65 R16 tyres are a popular size for vans.. Always ensure you check to ensure you are purchasing the correct size of tyre. 

There are a Few Types of 195 65 16 tyres Available

When you are deciding to buy 195 65 r16 tyres you first need to decide what type of tyres you will need. There are all season, summer and winter 195 x 65 R16 tyres available which are produced by various manufacturers. Some other factors which should be considered when determining what kind of tyres to buy are what kind of driver are you, what type of road conditions will you be driving on, are you doing long distance driving, and what your daily driving habits are.

195 65 R16 Winter Tyres

It is a very wise choice to switch over to winter tyres when the roads are covered with ice and snow as they are constructed of a different rubber compound to ensure you have far better control during these driving conditions. The rubber compound that is used to produce winter tyres is a better tyre construction to withstand the cold and really bitter temperatures. Always ensure when purchasing your winter tyres that they have the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake Symbol. This symbol identifies that these tyres have met the EU requirement. There are many rigid tests these Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake approved tyres must go through. We highly recommend taking this into consideration when shopping for the 195 65r16 tyres best price.

When Choosing to Buy 195 65 R16 Summer Tyres

When you begin shopping for your 195 65 R16 summer tyres, you will be faced with the decision of which manufacturer you are going to choose from. Do some research on the different tyre manufacturing companies before you make your final decision. Summer tyres should work well for both wet and dry road conditions. 

The Best and Easiest Way to Shop for the Best 195 65 r16 Tyres Price

Shopping for tyres can be a very difficult task for many people. As tyres are the most important part of any vehicle you should speak with a tyre specialist to see which ones are best suited for your vehicle. They have all the knowledge required when it comes to choosing the best tyres at the best price. When you are in the market for the best 195 65 r16 tyres and /or cheap tyres 195 65 r16 visiting a website like ours makes shopping for tyres a breeze.We can find you the best 195 65 16 price that is available to you. We do your homework for you.

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195/65 R15

Tyre grip is the most important thing while buying a top brand tyre. Every tyre company tries their level best to provide their buyer the best quality which make it difficult for its buyer to choose the best from the best. The only option left for the buyer in such situation to look for their requirement and compare them with different tyres and their qualities. The two of the tyres of size 195/65/15 are Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Plus and Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D. Both   of these are Ultra high performance winter tyre with differing grip, price range and other aspects. Former possess a dry grip of 100% and wet grip of 95%. It also has a comfort of 80% with the progressiveness of 95% with low fuel consumption and balancing. The latter has an average reviewing of 91% over a distance of 208,300 miles. It has a dry grip of 89% and a wet grip of 94% with strong grip, little noise and low fuel consumption.

Tips for Buying 195 65 r15 Tyres

For those who are in the market for buying 195 65 r15 tyres tyres there are some tips that they might want to take advantage of in order to make sure that they are making the right choice and getting a good deal.

What Are The Important Components Of The Tyres 195 65 15 Size?

Anyone that has to buy tyres should have some knowledge of these important items of a vehicle. Many individuals take them for granted and dont realize just how much they contribute to the vehicle and the driver.

When going to buy tyres it is helpful to know what the components of the tyres are. Every tire that is made for vehicles has the same basic components or requirements.

The Rubber Compound

Tyres are comprised of rubber compounds. These compounds are made up of many different components and they serve a specific purpose. The external tread of the tyre is what is responsible for providing the traction that is needed for the mobility of the vehicle. The rubber that is found on the inside of the tyre is what provides stability. Every manufacturer has their own components that goe into making their rubber compound. This is one of the aspects that make each brand different.


Every component that is used in a tire is meant to serve a purpose and provide a benefit. It has to serve a specific function.


When buying the 195 65 15 tyres tyres looking at them carefully will reveal that they have a specific structure which is applicable to every tire. It lends to their quality. The way the tyre is put together determines the structure of the tyre. All of the components are molded together to make a one piece item so that each of the individual pieces can work in harmony.

Tire Casing

When buying the195 65 15 tyres it will be noted that it has a outer casing. This is the body of the tire itself. It is made up of different components such as the inner liner and the body. Included also is the bead and side wall. The tire casing is comprised of everything except the tread itself and the Bell System is not part of the casing.

Why Do I Need 195 65 15 Tyres?

if you are looking for tyres 195 65 15 then obviously you believe that you have a need for them. This will be the case if the vehicle that you own requires this size and type of tire. You will find that there are many manufacturers that offer them so there are different brands of the tyres 195 65 15. You need to determine for sure that this is size that you need and is the most compatible for your vehicle.

What is the Best Way To Buy The Tyres 195 65 15?

Individuals are shopping for Tyres 195 65 15 often want to know what the best way is to go about buying. Here on our site we offer a wonderful opportunity for being able to do reviews on the Tyres 195 65 15 and do a comparison as well. This means that you as a tyre shopper will be able to find the best prices among all the major brands that are being listed on the Internet. Of course there is always the option for being able to buy the Tyres 195 65 15 on land as well. However, shopping online is far more convenient and far less time-consuming. That is provided you are using a resource such as what we offer you here our site.

Which Brand Of 195 65 r15 tyres Should I Choose?

Another question that is going to surface when you are looking at the 195 65 r15 tyres

is which Brand should you choose. There are some people that have a specific brand that they favour when it comes to their tyres. Other people will choose buying those that they feel is the most popular brand. Ideally you need to buy the tyres that you feel are best suited for you which could be among many of the top quality brands. By learning more about the different brands and specifically about the 195 65 r15 tyres it will help with the decision-making.

What to look for When Buying 195 65 r15 tyres

For those that are new to buying tyres they may not be totally aware of what they should be looking for. Most will focus on the price and may opt to go for the lowest. Buying the lowest-priced 195 65 r15 tyres does not always mean that you are going to get good quality. You want to look for the quality of the components that go into the tyre. The focus must be on your safety and how the tyres are going to help your vehicle to perform. Durability is another important aspect if you do not want to be replacing tyres on a regular basis. You also need to determine what season you are going to be driving in that the particular 195 65 r15 tyres have to handle.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the 195 65 r15 tyres so taking your time to do a correctly will bring you full satisfaction. 

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