What wheel brands to choose ?

If you are looking for new car wheels, you should not but the first wheels you find. Wheels might be perceived as the simplest of components in the vehicle but they are very important. That is why leading manufacturing companies are researching and developing new production techniques and methods all the time.

Car wheels come in various designs, materials and wheel sizes. There are so many types of wheels and brands available that you need to understand the difference between tem to buy exactly what you need.

Alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are manufactured from two metals – aluminum and magnesium. These wheels were first used in 1920s but became extremely popular only in 1980s. Aluminum alloy wheels are fitted on most vehicles, vans, trucks and SUVs by manufacturers. These wheels are less expensive but have good durability features. Alloy wheels are light and gives more control over the vehicle.

Chrome wheels. Chrome wheels are basically steel or aluminum wheels with layers of chrome. Chrome wheels used to be very expensive but today chroming techniques allow making them affordable. Many looking to “trick their ride” will choose chrome wheels because not only do they shine and grab the eye, they are less prone to rust than alloy or magnesium wheels. Adding chrome layers on top of steel or aluminum makes these car wheels heavier. In addition, chrome wheels require extra care to keep them shiny.

Aluminum wheels. These wheels are cats from aluminum or forged aluminum. Aluminum forged wheels are considered to be the strongest wheels on the market. This is achieved by subjecting aluminum to a ridiculous amount of heat and pressure, crushing the metal into an extremely dense and immensely strong wheel. The enormous force of compression from the forging makes these wheels extremely light and many times stronger than an equivalent casted wheel.

There are also different wheel sizes ranging from 17 to 24 inches. If you are not sure which size you need to fit on your car, it is better to consult the car manual. All manufacturers give clear instructions related to wheels and tyres.

Why you should order wheels online

Online shops have become a useful tool for many drivers today. In order to find wheels for SUV or a bike, you do not have to waste a lot of time and money. You can purchase wheels just sitting in a coffee shop. Online stores provide a wide selection of different products for vehicles, including wheels. Wheel finder helps find wheels of different brands based on certain technical characteristics. Wheel comparison menu helps make decision between two very similar types of product. In addition to good range and wheel selection tools, customers will enjoy great prices. All prices are much lower in comparison to traditional shops. They do not include additional charges. Moreover, customer can always ask for additional discount. If you are a loyal client, online shops usually send information about upcoming deals and discounts. Shop online to be the first to find out about new deals.

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