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The Story of Goodyear Tyres

An American businessman, Charles Goodyear, invented the technology for rubber production in 1839. In 1944 Charles Goodyear patented a method for rubber vulcanisation. Charles Goodyear died in 1860 in poverty. However in 1896 Frank Seiberling honoured Charles memory by founding the company called Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. In the beginning productions included poker chips, horseshoe pads, gaskets, fire hoses, and tyres for bicycles and carriages. The production of automobile tyres began in 1907, including Henry Ford’s Model T. Goodyear created the all weather tread, the first tyre that featured a diamond shaped treaded and non skid tyre in 1908. To test this great innovative product in 1917, a truck was sent to Boston from Akron bearing these Goodyear tyres. In Motor industry, this was the first test ever of this kind. Selberling created the Winged Foot Logo as the statue of Hermes was his favorite work of art. This symbol represents the mythical patron of travellers. Over the years Goodyear has become world renowned for their continuous innovations of great tyres. The Goodyear tyres price on each model represents the precision high quality and superior performance these tyres have. 

Determining What is a Goodyear Tyres Price

Every tyre manufacturer produces different quality levels of tyres. Goodyear offers the same choices. Even cheap goodyear tyres are really good quality. Choosing the best goodyear tyres will give you a higher quality and premium performance tyre. With Goodyear tyres, it is true, you get what you pay for. There are other tyre companies under the Goodyear Group which includes Debica Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Kelly Tyres, Fierce Tyres, Sava Tyres and Fulda Tyres. The winged foot logo is carried on 1/5th of all tyres sold worldwide. Choosing a Goodyear Group Brand will still give you some of the best Goodyear Tyres. To determine what a good goodyear tyres price is you can do some comparison shopping. 

When to Buy Goodyear Tyres

When it comes time that you need to purchase new tyres, the best months to purchase them is either October before the winter months begin and April when people are making travel plans. Prior to the winter months for safety reasons, it is best to have your new winter tyres bought and ready to be installed. During vacationing summer months, when planning on long road trips, you may want to think about purchasing and installing new summer tyres so you don’t run into any problems on your trip. You can buy Goodyear Tyres online and look for end of the season goodyear tyres offers. When looking for Goodyear Tyres online, try our website. You will find our site user friendly and we conveniently do the comparison shopping for you finding the best prices available. 

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