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Michelin Desert Race: For the diversified long haul

The Michelin Desert Race is the successor to the proven Michelin Desert. Constructed it is for obese enduro machines, who want to show both on the road and on the trail a good performance. Its rugged cleat give the motorcycle tyres an excellent grip on all surfaces. The thoughtful silica compounds also make driving on asphalt pleasant.

Grobe tunnels found in all types of terrain halt

Michelin has the Desert Race designed for motorcycles over 450cc displacement. Proven the performance tyres has been on the Dakar Rally. but treads and profile show not only in the desert, which power is in them. The rugged cleat found on gravel roads and in muddy terrain an excellent grip, also on grasslands. The tunnels are also taking place on the lateral shoulder blocks of the Michelin Desert Race, whereby a high cornering stability is ensured even at high speeds.

Robust tread increase the life

The Michelin Desert Race is a motorcycle summer tyres that can play, especially on the long haul its strengths. The treads containing silica special components that guarantee low abrasion. In tests, the Michelin Desert Race also proven by a long service life. Motorcyclists who want to confront their machine with various substrates are planning a tour of different areas and are with the Michelin Desert Race in any case safely. Here, the tyre for a top speed of 170 km/h allowed.

Whether sand, grass or mud, gravel or asphalt: The Michelin Desert Race proven on all slopes. Professional athlete, he enjoys on the varied Ralley, amateur racers are safe with the tyres in everyday life on the go.

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