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Michelin Latitude Sport - a high performance tyre for SUVs

In close cooperation developed with the carmaker Porsche, the Michelin Latitude Sport proves as a powerful summer tyres , the perfect fit for fast SUVs.

Higher load capacity and maximum contact area

This reference tyre on the Porsche Cayenne is convincing in every respect. For instance, the Michelin Latitude Sport on a special architecture that has a variable thread density and 0 ° -Abdecklage among others. This makes for a much smaller deformation of the tread, and for a particularly uniform distribution of forces, even at very high speeds. In addition, scores of these offroad summer tyres from Michelin with its higher load capacity, so that it is adapted to the special requirements of sporty embossed SUVs optimal. At the same time these tyres from Michelin is characterized by high grip and superior traction, which is due to the further enlarged footprint. Thus, the Michelin Latitude Sport combines high comfort with full security and stability, so many unforgettable driving experience is guaranteed.

Michelin Latitude Sport - tyres that have it in them

The tyre manufacturer Michelin has long been well known for its high-quality models, all of which can come up with an optimal performance and a better driveability. This is the high quality of car tyres from Michelin owe so that you can enjoy as motorists, even under adverse weather and road conditions high stability as well as convenience. Due to the large supply of different models, it is also easy to find a suitable tyre, which corresponds exactly to the respective needs and requirements.

The Michelin Latitude Sport, a high driving pleasure in any case is guaranteed. This is ensured by the many good handling characteristics and good performance this summer tyre made by Michelin, so that one is safe and very comfortable on the road, even at very high speeds or heavy rainfall.

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