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Tread Pattern on Michelin Alpin 5 tyres gives extra traction on snow and ice

Tread with greater traction on Michelin Alpin 5 tyres

The Michelin Alpin 5 tyre is a premium touring winter tyre which is designed for fitting to passenger cars. However, it is a fact that in poor weather conditions tyres on any vehicle become a highly significant influence on control and safety. The Michelin Alpin 5 tyre boasts a new tread pattern which offers drivers improved traction on snow and ice road surfaces. The potential for aquaplaning has been reduced by laterally located grooves on the tyre, designed to improve the removal of water from the surface contact area. These advantages are added to by enhanced steering precision.

Drivers are secure in the knowledge that in the severest of winter conditions, they can be confident of having maximum mobility, coupled with safety. The degree of tyre adhesion to a road surface is critical, especially in winter conditions. Preservation of the Michelin Alpin 5 tyre performance during the winter conditions has been created with a new and innovative, siped to a full depth tread pattern. In addition, the void ratio is increased which results in a safety oriented combination that gives drivers significantly improved tyre to surface grip in all conditions.

Innovation and technology combined in Michelin Alpin 5 tyres

Innovative concepts and advanced technology have created a tread compound that increases the performance ratio of the Michelin Alpin 5 tyre. In the low- temperature bracket, an improved grip is assured on wet and snow covered surfaces, and at the same time, retaining a high degree of energy efficiency. Further innovation provides the Michelin Alpin 5 tyre with an increase in silica, which helps maintain tyre flexibility in minus 7° temperatures.

Whether driving on dry and wet surfaces or even on one that is iced over, the Michelin Alpin 5 tyre runs with minimum noise and provides a comfortable ride. It is a tyre that can counter a variety of road conditions including snow, in which the traction is good. With the advantage of Michelin Alpin 5 tyres, the balance between good and poor weather conditions becomes more equal.

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