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Motorbike / Motorcycle Tyres

Motorcycle tyres are available in various types and designs in good specialist tyre shops. Before the positive characteristics of the tyres can be optimally utilized, a certain operating temperature is required. Broadly speaking, motorcycle tyres with soft rubber mixtures require higher operating temperatures than those with tough rubber mixtures. Therefore, reaching the best operating temperature of motorcycle tyres always depends on the tyre construction. In order to achieve the proper operating temperature of the tyres on a consistent basis, they can either be broken in or machined.

Rubber mixture is critical in motorcycle and motorbike tyres

During the breaking in or machining process, the structures are aligned in the respective rubber of motorcycle tyres. This leads to the development of specific properties of motorcycle tyres. However, these can vary from model to model. Influencing factors include braking performance, agility, traction, cornering stability, steering precision, rolling resistance, cold grip, warm grip, and driving stability. As a rule of thumb, motorcycle tyres should broken in for approx. 210 km. It should be noted that in colder weather, it can take much longer for a motorcycle to be brought to the appropriate operating temperature. The time to achieve the operating temperature as well as the optimum height are generally directly specified by the manufacturer or motorcycle tyre supplier. However, this may only be an approximation and may not be tyre-specific. Safe driving with motorcycle tyres is ensured when the temperatures are checked and controlled according to certain predetermined times. Only then is it possible to determine whether the operating temperature was actually reached. One should always keep in mind that motorcycle tyres that have not been sufficiently broken in may be life threatening. Such tyres often cause unpredictable fishtailing.

The importance of international motorcycle tyre labeling

In recent years, the tyre markings of motorcycle tyres have been standardized worldwide. Motorcycle tyres are currently marked in accordance with the Japanese tyre standard JATMA. On the side of the tyres, you can find a series of numbers and letters that provide information about the maximum load, production date,, rim diameter (e.g. 16 inches), type of construction, and speed rating as well as the height and width of the tyres.

The tyre code is read from left to right and is clearly deciphered and identified with the aid of special label tables. If you would like to compare motorcycle tyres, it must be clear which dimensions are permitted for your model. The same applies to car tyres. You can perform an online price comparison in order to find the lowest prices for your motorcycle tyres. The tyre width must always be adapted to the rim width. For certain types of motorcycles, only certain types of wheels and tyres have been approved. The height of a motorcycle tyre (tyre section) is usually indicated as a percentage. The value of the tyre height is directly proportional to the width.

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Motorcycle tyres and breaking

Motorcycle tyres require breaking in because manufacturers sometimes use what is called a ‘release agent’ to get the tyres to pop out of the rubber molds easily. This means that the tyres are covered with a thin layer of resin which can cause very dangerous driving conditions. Classic motorcycle tyres often still have this agent on them, but for the most part, modern manufacturers have turned to teflon molds to limit the stickiness of the rubber inside the mold. While some riders choose to scuff the tyres through machining, most manufactures do not suggest this method. Tyres are engineered to exacting standards in order to produce a smooth and safe ride. Scuffing or machining the tyres can remove the tread in uneven ways causing breakdowns in safety, grip and tread.

The very best way to break in new motorcycle or motorbike tyres is on a long, higher speed straight drive. The heat of the driving warms the tyres and sets them for good driving in the future. Some people see racers swerving on the track and think that they are breaking in their motorcycle racing tyres. However, this is not the case. They are simply prepping for turns. Racers actually use heaters to warm their tyres before the race in an even way.

Looking for motorcycle tyres and motorbike tyres

The reality is that, just like with all other tyres, you get what you pay for. If you’re in the market for cheap motorcycle tyre prices, and you’re looking online at motorcycle tyre suppliers, you’ll find that the price range is very broad. Even within a single motorcycle tyre shop, there are a number of varieties and distinctions, as well as prices to consider. Sometimes you can compare motorcycle tyres online, and find the brand, make and model that suits your riding style best. Regardless, though, its always a good idea to go to your local tyre shop and check out what they have in stock. It’s helpful to see and feel the tyres in order to get an idea of the kind of ride you’ll have on them. Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, but purchasing the right motorcycle tyres is a critical part of a fun and safe experience.

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