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For all obsessive and hasty bicyclists, Schwalbe tyres have brought a remarkable tyre solution, named as Schwalbe Marathon. Schwalbe is a German brand of manufacturing tyres for bicycles, wheelchair, and scooters. The actual name of this company is Ralf Bohle GmbH.

Though they do produce high-quality products in all their departments, they are particularly renowned for making touring and utility tyres like the one Schwalbe Marathon. They supply wide varieties of the tyre including those with quite a small wheel size.

The Marathon tyres range of Schwalbe tyres is one of the most famous tyres touring since years. Because of their innovative technologies and latest design features, these tyres are now considered as a standard tyre range for bicycles.

What’s New in Marathon Schwalbe Tyres?

There are certain outstanding features of Marathon tyre range that makes them stand among other tyres. The most distinguishing one is its elastic GreenGuard layer with the thickness of 3mm. The purpose of this thick and soft layer is to offer anti-puncture properties to the tyre. This layer absorbs the effect of any pinning thing inside it and prevents it from reaching to the inner tube of the tyre. This in return, makes the tyre suitable for on-road as well as off-road riding without having a fear of puncture.

Another worth-mentioning feature of cheap Schwalbe tyres Marathon is its Anti-Aging sidewalls. This feature comes handy in case of having low inflation pressure with the heavy loads on the bicycle. The side walls show great sturdiness to crackings.

Additionally, the 1/3rd part of Marathon’s GreeGuard is manufactured through recycled latex product that is specialized natural rubber. It offers great elasticity and protection to the tyre.

Suitability for E-Bikes

These days the trend of E-bikes has been increasing tremendously. With the advancement in bicycles, the need of tyres that are made up of high-quality material along with the attributes of low-rolling resistance is also increasing. So the Schawalbetyres Marathon range’s bigger size fulfills the need and comes with the 25 and 50 rating of E-bikes Ready. This rating indicated their suitability to bear heavy loads and high speeds of E-bikes.

Marathon Schwalbe Tyres Prices and Availability

Schwalbe tyres prices Marathon comes under that category of tyres that are high performing but asks for the very nominal budget. You can buy Schwalbe tyres easily without putting an excessive burden on your pocket. For purchasing these tyres, you need to contact any Schwalbe tyres online retailers. They will offer you huge varieties of tyres. Choose according to your requirements and bicycle specifications.

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