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If you are looking for performance versus price, Michelin PILOT POWER will be the ultimate choice as this tyre has been designed keeping your needs on driving and your pocket in view. You will be getting excellent performance at very reasonable price while quality will be of high level and of international standards. You will say simply Wow after using it. Quality with low price speaks up!

Technology used in Michelin PILOT POWER comprises of semi slik tread design that helps in maximizing its grip in dry weather. Mono-compound rubber formulation derived from MotoGP, outstanding cornering grip, wet grip due to silica-enriched tread, impressive performance level on rough and worn patches, durability, and dry grip of exceptional level are its key features that make it stand out from the rivals in the market. And you will get all these features with a low-price advantage. Then why any other tyre for all seasons?

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