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Michelin Agilis Alpin - a safer and more economical tyres for vans

The Michelin Agilis Alpin the world-renowned manufacturer brings a safe and economical tyre for winter on the market, which is reliable and stable on the road even at very cold temperatures.

Longer life and better adhesion to icy roads

The Michelin Agilis Alpin proves to be a performance winter tyre which can convince with its many good handling characteristics in all respects. So you can benefit, among others, the short braking distances and further optimized adhesion even on icy roads as drivers, associated with the high mileage this winter tyre from Michelin . This is particularly due to the special tread pattern and the open-shoulder area and the staggered tread blocks, which makes the tyre particularly robust against impact injuries and abrasions along the flanks. The innovative bidirectional geometry with self-locking sipes also ensures a greater stability during each drive. No less compelling is the Durable Contact Patch technology of the Michelin Agilis Alpin, which ensures a better contact with the ground and for a particularly uniform abrasion. Thus, this durable tyre proves particularly economical - a property that is effectively supported by the double carcass architecture.

Michelin Agilis Alpin - premium tyres from France

The tyre manufacturer Michelin has long been one of the most important companies in this field and white with its high-quality models like the Michelin Agilis Alpin even inspire demanding clients and experts. No wonder, all distinguished Michelin tyres by an excellent performance and high mileage - even under adverse weather and road conditions.

Who wants to be on the road safely and comfortably even in very wintry conditions for the Michelin Agilis Alpin certainly fits the bill. Because this winter tyre for vans proves to be an ongoing strong and safe companion, the even snow and frost hardly can harm.

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