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Michelin S1

Directional tread design has been introduced in Michelin S1 scooter tyres that ensures their durability and safety of drive. They are stylish to look at and every passionate biker will prefer them because of their superb qualities.
Center groove of Michelin S1 tyre intends to disperse the water inside and increases the traction. In short, these scooter tyres are perfect handlers with their high and long time performance.

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The Michelin S 1 - a cheap tyres City Scooter

With a Michelin S 1 a very special was re Motorcycle tyres designed. Equipped with a great design this tyre with a very good appearance. He is a very reliable tyre that provides safety in every situation.

The Michelin S 1 - best running

The attractive summer tyres from the tradition workshop Michelin has awarded the speed symbol "Y". This Pneu speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour to be driven. Its excellent driving characteristics proves these tyres very well in dry conditions and with a fabulous grip. Also in terms of braking performance, the Michelin S 1 need not to hide, because they are very good. Likewise the Michaelin S 1 receives top marks in wet conditions. In addition to a very good grip on wet roads the Michelin S 1 also convinces here with a very good braking performance. By these good characteristics, the driver receives a secure feedback and a sudden shower is not a problem.

Optimum profile design

Anyone a Michelin tyre purchases, opts for innovative ideas and high quality. In the 1965 founded research and testing center in Ladoux in France the tyres from Michelin are constantly being developed and improved. The Michelin S 1 convinces with a very long service life, which makes it a top product with an excellent price / performance ratio. Above all, he has an excellent turn-in and also a very good righting. Of course the Michelin S curves in Figure 1 shows his great strength with excellent stability. The large smoothness, this tyre also shows its best and offers the driver great comfort.

With a Michelin S 1 one is very safe and comfortable way. Weather conditions are at this Pneu not an issue and he also has a very good price / performance ratio.

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