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Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin is the name of quality and high standards and introducing Michelin Pilot Super Sport means bringing multiple qualities together to deliver the maximum benefit at competitive price. Suitable for sport cars, this pilot series offers wonderful features of durability, safety, efficiency of fuel, and much more. In a nutshell, it would be right to say that it is a splendid tyre with exceptional characteristics which are second to none and make it one of the most reliable tyres in the industry.

Enhanced braking of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre through Bi-compound while using LeMans-inspired compound on its outer shoulder and on its inner shoulder, wet-oriented elastomers make it stand out of the pool of countless competitors. Superb dry handling because of dual compound, even wear across the whole tread, high speed stability is maintained through Twaron belt technology, durability, and efficiency on highways and tracks make it a true representative of Michelin’s Total Performance.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a practical response to the competition in the auto market full of giant competitors who are proud of their high performer tyres. This tyre has offered the features that beat almost all competitors. Ultra high performance of this tyre is the result of research of years along with added creativity to fit the needs of the cars in all conditions of winter and summer. The differences of this tyre from other rivals are in its durability, make, and technology used in it. That is the reason behind the preference of the drivers and motorists around the world.

There are unique and cutting edge technologies in the make of new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres which have been made on the lines of racing cars by Michelin. Bi-compound tread, variable Contact Patch, and Ceinture Twaron are the technologies involved in its manufacturing. Ceinture Twaron is a fiber of high quality used in sailing and biking and it is used in this tyre to enhance its efficiency. Its high standard can be seen through the reviews of the motorists who used it in summer season and found it really reliable tyre to fight all conditions in wet and dry weather. Do not go anywhere and contact us today for standard tyre of the size of your car and enjoy a worry-free drive without any fear of bad performance or failure. You will agree with us after experiencing this tyre.


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