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Shopping for new summer van tyres

All manufacturers strongly recommend to use appropriate tyres for each season. You should drive on summer tyres in summer and change them into winter in winter period. Do not think that all-season tyres can handle the goal of winter and summer tyres all together. No, they are not designed to provide comfort and safety for all seasons. During summer it is better to use summer van tyres. They have different tread patterns and compounds that provide a better grip on wet and dry road in warm weather.

The best summer tyres for vans

Continental. Continental tyres are manufactured with the latest tyre technology and correspond to the highest standards of quality. Summer tyres for vans are characterized with stability during different temperatures and days of summer. Continental pays special attention to comfort. Choosing summer tyres of this manufacturer means smooth driving and reduction of vibration. Moreover, the company applies innovative design, which allows to lower rolling resistance.

Michelin. Michelin produces all types of tyres for vans, including summer tyres. Usage of silica tread compound ensures better handling and braking on wet road. Special polyester cord body and steel belts provide extra strength and durability.

Where to buy summer tyres for vans

You can go to a mechanic and ask him to help you purchase and change summer tyres. However, if you know what tyres you need exactly, you can buy then online, which is far cheaper.

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