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Michelin Pilot Activ - a modern tyre has it all

Optimum adhesion and long life - this is what characterizes the Michelin Pilot Activ, This thus proves to be a high quality motorcycle tyre , which is also perfectly suited to road machines older generation.

Modern tyre technology and high grip come together when Michelin Pilot Activ

Michelin Pilot Activ boasts a modern tyre technology and is ideal especially for classic cars and motorcycles from the middle class. With its higher rubber content on the ground as well as a newly developed rubber compound of grip this could Motorcycle tyre from Michelin to be improved both on dry roads and on wet ground again considerably. Even the adhesion potential of a senior Michelin Pilot Activ proves almost as good as that of new tyres. Then there is the very good contact with the ground, which also does not decrease in adverse weather and road conditions. Thus, one can not only benefit from a high level of security, but also by a maximum comfort with the driving fun.

Michelin - success thanks to optimum quality

Long since the tyre manufacturer Michelin is one of the big names in the industry and is an integral part of the international market hardly. Responsible for this is the optimum quality and excellent performance of the tyres from Michelin , therefore deliver anytime an excellent performance. Even experts show therefrom always impressed so that the French manufacturer the models can be found regularly on the top places in tests.

Michelin Pilot Activ makes the home Michelin honor. With its high quality and excellent performance of these motorcycle tyres convincing in every respect and provides even in adverse weather and road conditions a flawless performance from. This is reflected among other things in a very good contact with the ground and an optimal adhesion potential. Thus, one is sure as motorcyclists anytime and very comfortable on the road.

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