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245/45 R18

Nexen N Fera SU1, Nokian WR A3 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 are all tyres of size 245/45/18 with strong and firm grip to steer. Tyre are the first thing buyers look into for a comfortable experience and smooth driving. The first tyre is designed as a summer touring tyre with the average reviewing of 88% with the driven distance of 28,000 miles. It has a Dry grip of 87% and a Wet grip of 86%. They are good in handling and braking with a good wear of 87%, are much quieter, reasonable and comfortable. It has a progressiveness of 81%. Nokian WR A3 has a Dry grip of 93% and a wet grip 91%, is designed as an Ultra high performance winter tyre. It has a progressiveness of 88%, with a dry braking and a low rolling resistance. The last tyre, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 has an average reviewing  88% with a dry grip of 90% and a wet grip of 92%.

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Choosing The Right 245 45 R18 Tyres

Choosing the right type and size tyres for your vehicle is extremely important. The biggest factor that should be considered is safety. It will also depend on what kind of road conditions you will be driving on, the weather and the specs you require for your tyre. There are also different quality tyres and many choices offered by various manufacturers. 

Safe Speed Specs 

When choosing the tyres 245 45 18, a deciding factor for safe speed specs, is determining your driving style. A speed rating is indicated on most of the modern passenger tyres. This indicates the speed capability the tyre is designed for. Ensure you select the appropriate speed rating for your driving style. 


Tyres like the 245 45 18 tyres have a lot to do with the way the vehicle handles the road and steering capabilities. Tyres can affect travel direction, and choosing the wrong tyres could greatly affect this. Traction and effective steering is important when taking corners. 

Seasonal tyres 245 45 r18

Specific tyres can be purchased for different seasons. There are summer tyres, winter tyres, and of course all season tyres. Summer tyres are constructed to perform best during the warmer and rainy season. They do not have to meet the rigid cold temperatures and icy conditions other seasons bring. Winter tyres are specifically constructed to perform best in cold, icy and snowy conditions. Winter tyres have far better traction than do summer tyres. All season tyres are general performance tyres. They work well during mild dry weather. They tend to hydroplane in heavy rain, and lack safe traction during cold, icy, snowy months. 

Buying Used versus New 245/45/R18 tyres

There are many important factors to consider when you are deciding whether to buy used tyres or new tyres. The optimum choice of course would be to purchasing new tyres. However not everyone can afford new tyres, especially if you need to purchase more than one set. For example if you need summer tyres and you also need winter tyres. If you are choosing to buy used tyres, you should be cautious about who you are buying them from. Choosing to purchase used tyres privately is a huge risk. You don’t know what the history behind the tyres really is. Choosing to purchase your tyres from a reliable dealer in person or online is a really good safeguard. You will also receive some sort or warranty with them. 

How Do I Decide Where To Purchase My 245 45 r18 Tyres?

There are many online sites that can help you with this. You can rely on our tyre comparison shopping site that literally does the research for you and find you the best prices for tyres that correctly fit your vehicle. How much wiser and easier can it be than to let the professionals find you great quality tyres at the best possible prices you will find. This will save you a lot of time and money. You can feel very secure knowing the tyre professionals will find you the safest, most cost efficient tyres that are on the market. Tyre pricing ranges but you will be sure to find something to fit your budget. 

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