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225 45 R17 Tyres

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225/45 R17 Tyres

Sizes of tyres are very important for a strong grip over steering and thus the choice of the right size and type of tyre of top brand company is very important which should be done wisely by the driver by comparing the characteristic of different types of tyre and their needs. There is a huge list of tyres of size 255/45/17 manufactured by a different company differing in their performance and qualities among them are Runway Enduro 816 and Landsail DH2. Runway Enduro 816 is designed for passenger car, is a summer touring tyre with average reviewing of 94% over a driving distance of 350 miles while Landsail DH2 is also summer touring tyre with average reviewing of 93% over a driving distance of 10,000 miles. The first type of tyre, Runway Enduro 816 has a dry and wet grip of 100%, while the latter possess a dry grip of 100% and a wet grip of 98% due to which it can be driven of combination of roads.

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