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High-performance automatic transmission fluid for motoring efficiency

Efficiency combined with exceptional performance is seen as everyday needs and reasonable demands by the modern motorist of today. For some, power means road image, the type of vehicle being driven and how it is seen to perform. Few vehicle owners probably give minimal thought to the crucial contribution made by their automatic transmission oil. The thought of a breakdown is not generally considered and could be seen as not only embarrassing but a severe let-down by the vehicle manufacturer!

However, bad things like mechanical malfunctions and component wear and tear are a reality of our motoring lifestyles. They are events that can usually be countered beforehand with regular, efficient vehicle maintenance and using the appropriate lubricants such as synthetic automatic transmission fluid. This is a high-performance, fully synthetic lubricant, specially formulated for the purpose of meeting the demands made upon modern and traditional automatic transmissions.

Advanced-performance auto transmission fluid technology

Whether you drive or own an everyday family oriented passenger car, a truck or bus, you require the best available supporting lubricant technology for the demanding driving conditions and environments of the present day. The best automatic transmission fluid is formulated with the most technically-advanced additives; your transmission fluid is designed to provide outstanding thermal stability. This is applied over an extensive temperature range with superior anti-wear and corrosion properties.

The various automatic transmissions require different maintenance support, such as that designed to meet the needs of most manual transmissions. Advanced fluid formulation helps enable the transmission to function efficiently with an enhanced performance and an extended life with a high-mile capability! Automatic transmission fluid is formulated with superior quality base stock and additives designed to improve performance with added protection.

Engineered automatic gearbox oil for severe applications

To cater for the high demands made upon them by varying environments and conditions, the formulations of automatic gearbox oil include an exclusive combination of high viscosity, with shear stable synthetic base oils. In addition, they are processed with an additional treatment of high-performance additives. Synthetic lubricants maintain their viscosity and protection against component metal-to-metal contact for extended time periods.

The branded additives contained in an auto transmission fluid form an iron-sulfide barrier coating on gear surfaces. This has the effect of providing a highly significant protective barrier against wear, scoring and pitting and aided by the control of thermal runaway. Further advantages are seen with synthetic lubricants, by their capability of inhibiting rapid lubricant degradation and resultant component damage, which for you, means a better performance and extended life-terms for the components. The function of transmission oil is to maintain gears and transmission systems in the best possible working order. In general, it's recommended that gear oil is changed every 50,000 to 100,000 miles which helps in prolonging the gearbox lifespan, and ensures continued and smooth gear operation.

Your motoring experience can be upgraded with increased cost-effectiveness by utilising the correct transmission fluid. It’s just a question of awareness and knowing the needs of your vehicle!

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