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Plainly put, ongoing development and product improvement for users is part of the Michelin philosophy and with their Michelin pro4 Endurance v2 sports bike tyres they have achieved this objective! Offering reduced rolling resistance and added anti-puncture protection you can experience not only excellent surface gripping capabilities but also increased mileage and greater resistance to wear.

These factors can be attributed to what is known as Bi-Compound technology. A simple explanation is that at the centre of the tread an innovative rubber combination provides increased tyre rigidity. This is repeated on the shoulders of the tyres, resulting in significantly improved road surface grip.

Why the v2/Michelin pro4 Endurance v2 tyres are better

Added riding protection is a significant aspect of cycling, especially in relation to the curse of punctures in the area of the tread. This is another factor that has been addressed with the Michelin pro4 Endurance v2 tyres. It’s achieved with a high-density protective ply that is extended from bead-to-bead, calculated to provide an additional average puncture resistance of 40-percent!

As a dedicated rider, you will want reassurance as to the type of technology that is supporting your cycling, in particular, what is keeping your machine safely on the road.

Michelin pro4 Endurance v2 protection

The Michelin HD Protection Bead2Bead technology involves high density crossed fibre reinforcing designed to fully protect the full casing of the tyre. The tyre-crown and the sidewalls are also strengthened to provide the best possible protection and extended life.

With this tyre, sports-related cyclists have been given an incredible asset. They have the added security of extra surface grip, which in turn, provides them with the opportunity to further excel and meet their determined personal performance goals!

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