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Protection extreme from hydraulic oil

If you’re looking for that extra edge in your motoring life and at the same time appreciate the need to protect your vehicle components then hydraulic transmission oil would probably meet your expectations! Reaching beyond the performance realms of traditional transmission oils, what could be described as custom-designer oils offer you superior gear and bearing protection! Adding to this is the factor of improved heat and friction reduction, as well as increased efficiency and importantly, extended component life.

In the present changing environmental conditions we are experiencing, it is becoming increasingly necessary to reconsider the various effects upon our vehicles, their maintenance and performance issues. With fluctuating temperatures, it could be seen that the need for transmission oil and lubricants that excel in hot and cold temperature extremes, could be seen as a necessity rather than a preference!

About the transmission fluid influence in your life

If we only look at the transmission fluid price then there is some severe market competition. However, it would not be wise to forsake high-quality component protection and an improved motoring experience for a cheap lubricant. Therefore, be sure to make fair and reasonable product comparisons when choosing your oil! For example; it is preferable for the transmission fluid to have a resistance to breaking down due to a high heat factor and the prevention of acids and carbon formation.

If you’re considering hydraulic oil prices take into account their;

  • Wax-free formulation
  • Improved cold-flow properties
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Cold weather shifting.

The versatile hydraulic fluid transmission experience

Keeping on that track, we can shift our sights higher and onto a relatively upmarket product known as a mineral hydraulic fluid. Available under different brand names there are type-options available to you including a more recent newer and arguably improved synthetic version.
In various respects, the advantages and benefits offered when you buy hydraulic fluid can be confused by an abundance of information. In essence, the world of hydraulic fluids, oils, or hydraulic lubricants has a foundation of being either mineral or synthetic based. The former based oils include mineral oil hydraulic fluids, which originate from crude oil, with the alternative synthetic hydraulic oil constructed in a laboratory.

Extending component life with transmission oil

There may be a need to clarify whether hydraulic oil is compressible. If we take the term non-compressible, it means that in general they cannot be compressed. This description applies to all fluids, whereas by comparison, a gas is compressible. Although liquids can be compressed to a certain extent, it is negligible to the degree of it not being taken into account here!

A hydraulic oil viscosity is closely associated with the temperature factor, which when it increases has the effect of decreasing the viscosity of the oil. Hydraulic fluids are utilised in many and varied applications worldwide. For our commerce and industry today, like the many other protective lubricants available, it’s a question of determining the best one to meet your specific application!

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