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Michelin Latitude Cross: Comfortable on and off the road

Suitable terrain, but with a high level of comfort: tries Michelin Latitude Cross, the driving characteristics of a off-road tyre to combine with the comfort of a car tyre. The result is a solid all-terrain tyres can convince both on paved roads as well as off-piste.

Secure aquaplaning characteristics

Michelin is one of the market leaders among the tyre manufacturers. Even in the off-road segment, the French can claim that they provide, among others, the Michelin Latitude Cross demonstrated. The profile is held asymmetrically and are the tyres so that a high contact surface. This ensures excellent grip even in difficult terrain. Two circumferential longitudinal grooves are responsible for wicking. Reduce hydroplaning effects and ensure balanced handling even in the rain. The innovative lamellar structure creates a strong traction, with the Michelin Latitude Cross is also on uneven ground without problems ahead.

Offroad summer tyres with low wear

So good are the driving off-road, so quiet and comfortable, the Michelin Latitude Cross presented on the road. Tests confirm the tyres a remarkably low wear. Thus, the off-road summer tyre can be far longer than just one season. SUV drivers are the Michelin Latitude Cross is no longer faced with the choice of whether they want to be out in the field or on the road: The Pneus optimally fit the particular road conditions and are therefore also suitable for the jaunt across town. Offered is the Michelin Latitude Cross in various dimensions and fits rims 15-17 inches.

Ride comfort and safety on paved roads and off-road: The Michelin Latitude Cross can be used very versatile.

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