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Standard Tyres / Wheels parameters:
New tyre / wheel parameters:
/ - X ET
Wheels Wheels {{$index + 1}} ({{wheel.rimDiameterInch}}X{{wheel.rimWidthInch}} ET {{wheel.offset}}) dynamic
Wheel diameter {{wheel.rimDiameter | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:0:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].rimDiameter-wheels[0].rimDiameter)/wheels[0].rimDiameter) * 100 | number:2}}%
Wheel width {{wheel.rimWidth | number:0 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].rimWidth-wheels[0].rimWidth)/wheels[0].rimWidth) * 100 | number:2}}%
space {{wheel.backSpace | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].backSpace-wheels[0].backSpace)/wheels[0].backSpace) * 100 | number:2}}%
offset {{wheel.offset | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].offset-wheels[0].offset)/wheels[0].offset) * 100 | number:2}}%
Tyres Tyres {{$index + 1}} ({{wheel.tireWidth}}/{{wheel.tireAspectRatio}} R{{wheel.rimDiameterInch}}) dynamic
Section width {{wheel.tireWidth | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].tireWidth-wheels[0].tireWidth)/wheels[0].tireWidth) * 100 | number:2}}%
Side wall {{wheel.sideWallHeight | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].sideWallHeight-wheels[0].sideWallHeight)/wheels[0].sideWallHeight) * 100 | number:2}}%
Overall diameter {{wheel.overallDiameter | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].overallDiameter-wheels[0].overallDiameter)/wheels[0].overallDiameter) * 100 | number:2}}%
scope {{wheel.ference | number:0 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].ference-wheels[0].ference)/wheels[0].ference) * 100 | number:2}}%
Revolutions per KM {{wheel.revsPerKM | number:0 }} {{((wheels[1].revsPerKM-wheels[0].revsPerKM)/wheels[0].revsPerKM) * 100 | number:2}}%
speed {{wheel.speed | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'speed'}} {{((wheels[1].speed-wheels[0].speed)/wheels[0].speed) * 100 | number:2 }}%


Tyres/wheels {{val}}

Good Reasons for Using a Tyre Size Calculator

A very useful tool that you may come across when looking to buy tyres online is the tyre size calculator. If you are new to this type of tyre shopping experience, you may not be aware that this type of tool can show you how to find tyre size requirements for your vehicle.

Tips for Using a Tyre Calculator

The car tyre size calculator is a great resource. But, you want to be sure that you are using one that is going to be accurate also one that is going to let you make a proper tyre size comparison. It should also provide you with some great options for purchasing your tyres. These are options that give you a selection as well as a selection in brands as well as pricing.

Why Your Tyre Dimensions Are Important

Knowing the proper tyre dimensions needed for your vehicle is important in a variety of different ways. To begin with, having the proper tyre dimensions helps to keep the integrity of your vehicle. It is possible to go with alternative tyre sizes, but you need to understand as to what your choices are. Staying to the original size of your tyre as much as possible helps to ensure that the drive shaft components of your vehicle remain intact and stable. The main priority when it comes to your tyre size is what is going to provide a safe ride for you and your passengers.

Understanding Alternative Tyre Sizes

There are some reasons why a vehicle owner may choose to go with alternative tyre sizes. Some will do so because it will make their vehicle look more attractive. Others do it because they feel they will get better performance. Then there are some that are impressed with a specific brand and size of tyre and want the opportunity to use these on their vehicle.

Benefits of Car Tyre Size Calculator

When you use a car tyre size calculator such as ours, you are using a tyre circumference calculator that is quality designed and is easy to use and read the results.

What You Can Count on with a Wheel Size Calculator

When you use a quality wheel size calculator, it helps you to stay within the perimeters of what is safe and works best for your particular vehicle. Otherwise, you are relying on guessing as to what tyres would be appropriate. Most people are not aware that there are specific choices when it comes to tyre diameter that they must remain within for their vehicle. When using a wheel size calculator like the tool that we offer you can count on only having choices to choose from that are appropriate according to the specs that you entered.

You can make use of our tyre size comparison even if you want to stick with your original tyre size. When you do this, you are going to be given a comprehensive list of recommendations for tyres that are available to you. This makes your tyre shopping experience a most pleasant one.

When you use our tyre size comparison tool, you will be using a very informative wheel and tyre calculator. You must not ever underestimate the importance of the wheel diameter that is best for your vehicle. This is one of the reasons that we are offering a wheel and tyre calculator. You will find that once you have entered your specs that you will be given some great choices as to which tyres are available to you that is based on quality, brand and affordability.

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