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Michelin Sirac - an all rounder which is simply convincing

The Michelin Sirac proves to be a high-quality all-rounder, which is particularly well suited for mid-range bikes. This qualitative motorcycle tyres is thanks to the numerous good handling so many unforgettable trip guaranteed.

Optimum security and high stability

This allrounder has it all: especially for mid-size bikes developed the Michelin Sirac proves both on the road and beyond the paved paths outstanding performance while offering full security. Even in bad weather conditions this has motorcycle tyres from Michelin about reassuring safety reserves and thus contributes to an unadulterated driving pleasure to a great extent with at. Thus, one can benefit as a driver not only of an optimal handling, but also a high steering precision at the same time good ground contact. This is due to the special tread pattern of Michelin Sirac framing every trip very safe and comfortable.

Michelin - for more than 120 years

Founded in 1889, the French tyre manufacturer Michelin can look back on a very long and very successful history. This is mainly due to the high quality and high-performance models, which are due to the high demands in terms of quality and performance are constantly being developed and optimized. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Michelin tyres always can come up with sensational product innovations and can be found again and again in the first places in tests well-known journals. In addition, the wide selection of tyres that will satisfy all the needs and desires of the customers to a great extent.

With a Michelin Sirac one is sure as motorcyclists and extremely comfortable on the road. This is thanks to the intricately designed profile of this tyre that not only optimum handling, but also a high steering precision ensured - both on the road and beyond the paved paths. Thus, a maximum driving pleasure at all times is ensured.

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